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It Took Me A Year But I Finally Saw The Magic In My Husband's Love

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I met Nihar (name changed) when we were sixteen. We were together in the HSC classes.

It was love at first sight.

I still remember the first time our eyes met. I was leaving the classroom and looked back to find him staring at me.

We started talking and our conversations progressed from class talks to phone calls. We became best friends and one day he indirectly popped the question. There was no "I Love U" or mushy talk.

He just asked me if I felt the same way for him as he did for me.

After 3 days of waiting, I finally said ‘yes’ to him. It was all so beautiful! First love feels like a fresh breeze with blooming flowers and butterflies all around.

We were inseparable and would always hang out together. He would bunk his college and hang out in my college. I still remember our walks on Juhu beach in the rain. How he once picked me up in the rain on the beach!

Everyone thought that we were made for each other and so did we.

But destiny had a different plan for us. Everyone knew about our relationship except our parents. When they got to know, both sides were strongly against the relationship. The emotional game began.

I was ready to leave everything for him but he did not seem to reciprocate the same feelings.

I was disappointed to see that the person I loved so much did not have the courage to fight for my love and me. I was completely heartbroken and decided that I won’t hurt my parents for a person who couldn’t fight for his love.

I cut off all ties with him. I changed my phone number and even stopped meeting all our common friends. But we were together for 7 long years.

I was as so used to having him in my life that I’d get up in the middle of the night screaming his name.

Thankfully, my parents helped me come out of it. I did call him once or twice hoping that he would take some step to be with the love of his life. But he didn’t.

I realized that it was not worth wasting my tears on someone who has no courage.

It's not love if you cannot fight for it to stay with you for life.

After a year, I got married to a boy of my parents’ choice. We met just once and I said yes to the match. We got engaged within a month of meeting and were married within the next six months.

It was very scary for me at first because I’d never imagined my life with anyone other than Nihar.

Before the wedding, I told my husband everything about my past relationship. With God's grace, he understood and said that he was only interested in my present and my future.

I told him that I’d need some time to adjust to this new phase of my life. And he gave me all the time I needed.

It took me almost a year to come to terms with this big change in my life and to accept my husband as the love of my life.

Trust me, I am extremely lucky because my husband is an angel sent by God to take care of me. Today, I couldn’t have been happier.

My husband taught me the real meaning of love.

I’m blessed to have him as my soulmate, my true love.

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