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It Took Me 5 Long Years To Trust Another Man After He Cheated On Me

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I was a small town girl full of dreams and ambition. The journey of my life began when I joined engineering. The college days passed happily with friends, bunking classes, cultural events and so much more.

One day, I accidentally met someone and we fell for each other.

He was the sportsperson of the college and almost every girl had a crush on him. Soon, we started spending time together and got to know more about each other. He introduced me to his parents as well.

His mother was very sweet and even though we belonged to different castes, it did not matter to them. However, my side was a different story. My parents were strictly against the relationship.

Though they had an issue with us, we never stopped seeing each other (We were young and raging with hormones).

Both of us were good in studies as well and eventually got placed into a reputed company. We started this new journey together.

Initially, we stayed in separate hostels in the same area. I was given a project as soon as we got placed but he didn’t get one for 6 months. We enjoyed this period by going on weekend trips and having fun along with our other friends.

My parents had almost stopped talking to me but that didn’t bother me much.

I was madly in love! In fact, we had even planned to get married after a year.

After the first 6 months, he got a project in a different location within the same city. We parted sadly and he rented an apartment instead of staying in a hostel. I was relieved because it meant that I could stay over at his place whenever I went to meet him.

With time, both of us got busy with our lives. Our meetings reduced to once a week and then once in two weeks.

I also noticed a difference in his behavior but chose to ignore it because I was blinded by love.

Many of my friends told me that they had seen him with another girl. I rubbished everyone saying he would never cheat on me and she was probably just his friend. Ultimately, when I couldn't take it anymore, I asked him about the other girl.

He casually replied that she was his project mate and they are good friends. I believed him. After all, we had plans to get married and settled down. But slowly, things started changing.

Whenever I’d raise the topic of marriage, he would lose his cool. My suspicion started growing stronger.

One fine day we got into a huge fight because of the same girl. But he managed to calm me down assuring me that I was the only girl he was in love with and no one else could come into his life. He had a knack for pacifying me with his sugar-coated words.

However, I discovered that he had been cheating on me and had promised marriage to the other girl too!

She was not just his project mate but his sex mate as well. He’d been cleverly manipulating both of us.

I broke down completely. I couldn't blame the girl, as she was also fooled by the same lies. We decided to confront him and caught him red-handed. His face turned pale, as he had never expected this to happen. I gave him a tight slap and left his place.

His love was nothing but a lie. He never really loved me. Everything he did and said was a lie in the name of love.

When the other girl realized that he had said the same things to both of us, she also left him. After a few days, he came to me and apologized profusely for his mistakes.

He begged me to take him back but I didn't have the courage to trust him again.

This experience drove me into depression. I stopped talking to people. I would sit in my room and cry all the time. I broke all ties with my friends since they were his mutual friends too.

I couldn't come out of the trauma. I lost my appetite and was hospitalized frequently. I lost weight and started losing hair too. I felt I was losing myself.

I couldn’t even tell my parents that he had cheated me.

It took me five long years to get over him and yet, the past still haunts me. I lost my entire youth because of him.

Being cheated by the person you love is worse than death.

But I gathered the courage to come out of it. I started taking my career seriously and worked hard to forget his memories; memories that haunted me every night and made me an insomniac.

I lost so much for a worthless person who didn’t deserve to stand in front of me.

I lost hope in humanity and men. I became averse to men and started believing that all of them are cheaters who do not have any feelings and are not concerned about the emotions of others.

I wondered how could a person claim to love someone and have sex with someone else.

Thankfully, God has been merciful to me. He has seen me suffer and helped me rebuild my life.

I recently moved to Scotland where I met someone who is humble and pleasant. In the beginning, I was extremely reluctant to open up to him. But he heard my past and still accepted me for who I am. My wounds have finally started healing with him by my side.

I’ve learned that sometimes, it may take a lifetime to come out of something bad but when you come out of it, there is a beautiful world with nice and pleasant people waiting for you.

Lastly, I have one message for all the girls - never blindly trust men because they can be wolves in a sheep’s clothing.

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