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I Waited Five Years For Him To Realize His Love For Me Before I Finally Decided To Move On

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All love stories do not have a happy ending and mine is one of them.

It all started on the last bench of the college classroom. We all played that “friend-friend” game where we were supposed to know about each other’s likes and dislikes. That’s how I met him. I never thought that it would turn out to be the best moment in my life.

We got to know so many things about each other’s life and passion. Yes, that’s where I found the best friend of my life, or rather say the love of my life. Our friendship grew and we came closer. I fell for him and would do anything for him.

He was also possessive about me and never wanted his position to be shared with anyone else.

We shared beautiful moments of our life together. But I was shattered when I realised that he didn’t love me that way. Perhaps, he did but he didn’t realise it then. Years passed by and my feeling for him grew stronger. Nobody was aware of our relationship, it was a closed door. Everyone knew us as ‘just friends.’

I used to be upset about this because if you love someone, you should be proud of it and be open about your feelings.

I knew I was addicted to him and wanted someone who could help me get over him. I had no friends other than him. I waited for him to realise but I guess we were not destined to be together. We were in friends with benefits kind of relationship for past five years. I didn’t want to lose him and so always gave him the chance to improve.

But after five years, I met a guy at work who was ready to marry me even after knowing everything about my past.

I decided to move on because I knew my best friend would do nothing for us. But then, after I made my decision, he woke up suddenly and realised how much he loved me. I had given my commitment to someone else already. He got in a bad state and also, met with an accident. I somehow managed to control my feelings and didn’t visit him. Those were really the toughest days of my life. He started drinking and maybe he was having the darkest phase of his life. Never thought it would lead to so much.

I pretended to be rude whenever he called me so that he forgets me easily.

But those calls broke my heart. I was in between my past and commitment, and I chose the latter. Two years later, I got married to the guy at work and thought I would eventually forget everything. But unfortunately, I did not.

There is no single day when I don’t think about him. He is married too and perhaps, happy too. But we didn’t marry the love of our lives. I miss him every day and yes, I feel proud that I loved him even though he didn’t realise at the same time. I cherish those beautiful moments.

I hope he remembers me always, be it as the worst nightmare or the best love. For me, he will always be the love of my life.

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