It Seemed Like He Did Everything Only To Get Into My Pants

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 31 January, 2018

I believed the same person twice and both times I was blindsided by love. I was in a good relationship with this person in my college days. Ours was a long-distance relationship, he was doing his masters in another city while I was doing bachelors in another. I was in the 3rd year when I got into the relationship, and he was in his 1st year.

We both finished our degrees at the same time and fortunately got placed in different companies in the same city.

I was so happy because we could now be together and do everything that other couples normally do. I told my parents about us and they were happy too and they agreed to marry us once we settled in our careers, and the boy tells his family.

We had a very good time initially, but soon it all came down to only meeting for getting intimate.

He loved me a lot, he gave me these beautiful surprises, took me on rides. All these seemed to suddenly become nonexistent because of his physical needs increasing day by day. He stopped doing special things for me. I spoke to him about all this and he said that he has a lot of work, and he will work on improving. Two years went by, but I kept moving along with the flow. I told him to talk to his parents or at least tell them about me. He kept on delaying. Our relationship worsened. He became hyper and aggressive and started abusing often. I told him that we need a break, he didn’t agree. Anyway, I left him and went for my masters in another city.

I put all my focus and energy on my studies and career, and he cut all contact with me.

After two more years, I got to know that one of his parents had expired soon after we broke up and he was devastated. I got in contact with him somehow and we started talking again. It seemed like he had really changed. We continued our relationship again. This time it was all good or at least that’s what I thought. I told my parents and they asked me to be careful this time.

So, this guy promised to talk to his parent one day and I kept waiting till midnight. The he just told me that he didn’t get a chance to talk.

I was so angry that I broke off for good. I was guilty though. After 6 months, I got to know from one friend of mine that my boyfriend had changed his name and identity 2 years ago, and he did not even mention to me about all this while he got into a relationship with me for the second time. I was hurt, I was devastated. And I am still hurt.

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