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It Might Take Us Another 10 Years, But We Will Be Together One Day

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I am a girl who has grown up watching Shahrukh Khan's dreamy films, reading romantic novels and believing that everyone gets the partner that they dream of- the perfect one.

However, as I grew older, this myth did not last for long and I learned the reality.

I fell for a guy from my college and found myself trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship. It was very difficult for me to end it because I was completely dependent on him for everything.

Things became worse when he started asking me for money and would abuse me whenever I said no.

He never liked me going out with any of my guy friends and would always raise a finger on my character. Somehow, I gathered my courage and broke up with him.

But it was very hard to live without someone who was a part of your life for so long.

Gradually, I started becoming more social and going out with my friends. During this time, I became close to one of my guy friends, not in a romantic way but in a friendly manner.

He was married but wasn’t happy in his marriage.

He was madly in love with his wife but no matter how hard he tried to please her, she behaved rudely with him. She always wanted more from him. He’d often cry in front of me because of his unsuccessful marriage.

We tried hard to save their relationship, but no matter what we did, it was all in vain because his wife never appreciated it.

Even when he was ill, his wife did not pay attention to him and was busy in her own life. Soon, he stopped doing things for her and decided to move on.

We shared a lot of things with each other and started getting close. But I’d never thought that we would fall for each other. Now, he means everything to me.

He is the kind of guy you read about in books; the perfect romantic person who would go the extra mile just to see a smile on my face.

But there was a huge problem; which is that he is married! He asked his wife several times for a mutual separation but she never agreed, despite the fact that she herself told him that she doesn't want him in his life. Finally, he took a stand and decided to file for divorce.

However now, his wife has realized her mistakes and wants him back.

The case is currently in court and we don't know how many years it will take to settle the matter. And I have no clue what my family will say when I tell them this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Sometimes, none of these things matter. What matters is the person you love.

We both know that we are soulmates. We know each other so well that just by looking at each other's faces, we can understand what the other person is thinking.

We are faced with many hurdles, but this is the kind of love that happens very rarely and only a few people are lucky enough to find their soulmate.

So here I am, waiting to be with my soulmate. And maybe not now, but after 10 or even 15 years, we will surely be together.

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