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It Has Been Seven Years Since We Broke Up, But I Still Remember Her Every Single Day

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It all started in high school. She was my junior, let’s call her D and I will be S. I was a chill guy who was ignorant about girls and love. The first time I saw her, it felt like I could fly in the air.

We were in the mall and I think I would describe it as love at first sight.

But eventually, I lost her in the mall and after a week, to my luck, I noticed her again in my back block of the hostel. That’s how my love story began.

I went to her and our conversation started. For long six months, we used to hang out together including our friends. We would spend hours talking, chatting, and exploring places together. One fine day, I proposed to her and she simply rejected. I was hurt and the only solution to move on was relocation. One of our mutual friends saw my pain and shared it with D. That very night, I got a call from her. She said that she loved me too. I asked her if she was serious or she was just feeling bad for me. To which she replied,

“You fool, I really love you. I just realized why I was crying when you were leaving.”

I was on cloud nine. We were all happy and everything was going great. But after a month, somehow, her mother came to know about our relationship. She wasn’t happy but I talked to her and convinced her. After a year, both our parents knew about us. Sometimes, I even used to take her to the temple as I believed in faith and God. My friends used to tease me about that. My world consisted of her, and I did have lots of friends and family. They all were happy for us.

Three years passed by and we started planning for our future together.

All of our friends thought we were the perfect couple who everyone else dreamt of. But soon enough, everything started crumbling down.

We decided to meet for dinner. As soon as I reached her place, she started crying. She started saying things like, “I don’t love you anymore. I’m not able to focus on my goals. Let’s think about love later.” That day, I was a dead man alive. I couldn’t even share it with any of my friends. I was completely shattered and heartbroken. I locked myself for days. But then finally, I decided to run deep into her life.

And I noticed that she was into some other senior guy from her college who was a big flirt.

I figured this out and spoke to the guy. He took this advantage and made up a story in front of her that I was trying to blackmail him. This made her hate me more and they came closer. Before that, she wanted us to have a mutual break up but I literally had no choice in it, it was completely hers. I couldn’t take it easy. I tried to convince the other guy that I loved her way too much but he didn’t care. Days passed by and everything failed. It hit me back and I again started to feel low.

Then one day, I called up her mother and told her about the new guy in her life.

D came to know about it and got really mad at me. She hated me so much then that I couldn’t even imagine, all that true love got vanished just like that. When she faced me, she looked at me as if I was some cheap person. Seven years have passed and I still love her despite everything. I was first angry at her for doing all this but along with age and maturity now I feel that it might be my fault too. Things were different then. Whenever we quarrelled, I used to keep calm and then, she used to get happy.

All I want to tell you by this is that a relationship is about two people. The effort should come from both sides and not just one.

Parents are always the first love; never left your parents down because of you. I wish her good luck. Now I am sure that my next life is only my better half. I would love her more than anyone. But when a man loves a girl so seriously, it takes ages to forget her or might never forget her. Girls, please behave properly with serious guys. Thanks to my friends and family, who stood behind all this and made me happy again.

But still, I remember her in everything.

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