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It Has Been 7 Years And I'm Still Sore For My First Love

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I'm from Odisha. I joined a medical coaching class in Berhampur as my aim was to become a doctor. There I met Niku, my childhood friend with whom I had lost touch. When we met in Berhampur, we exchanged numbers. We became best friends.

We spoke day and night as though we were lovers. One day he told me about his one-sided love on my friend. I felt jealous. He told me that he likes her from his childhood.

Time passed by and I concentrated on my studies. After five months, he proposed to me. He tried hard to convince me. I somehow ended up nodding a 'Yes' to him. I still remember the very next day we were watching Dabangg movie in a theatre.

After a few days, even I really fell for him. He was so happy and we spent the most beautiful days together. One day he came with chocolates to my coaching center because he missed me. Another day he was completely drenched in rain and came to meet me. These were one of those cute things that he did for me. 

Time passed time and slowly we started facing problems in our relationship. I feel he is avoiding me. I have tried my best to save our relationship but we broke up. It's been seven years and I still miss him so much. Yes, it's true that we can't forget our first love.


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