In An Instant, My Father-In-Law Showed Me That He Was A Real Life Hero

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 4 June, 2018

Before telling my story here, I would like to tell my father-in-law and my husband that they are like heroes in my life. I was overweight before marriage. I am a 26-year-old woman and I got married 2.5 years back.

My looks are average, and my body is overweight. My husband accepted me as I am when we met 8 years back and we got married in 2014 end.

I always dreamed of wearing cool dresses and looking slim like other girls. Even though I had tried all possible ways to reduce weight, I could not stop dreaming about it. Anyhow, I got successful in reducing my weight before marriage and I was happy. Then finally I got married and then automatically I was coming back to my normal life. Hardly a month later, my weight again started piling on but I was taking it lightly, I thought that it is okay I work hard and reduce it later. But that was my wrong perception towards my body. I was getting fat day by day, even though I was always trying to stay away from food. I joined a gym, started dieting and tried all possible ways (gym, crash diets, went to a dietitian and the works). During this struggle of mine, my husband and I started a new venture. I got involved in that and wasn’t able to give much attention to my fat loss but I was still on diet.

Still my body was getting fatter day by day and I had started hating myself.

I was feeling sick due to my heavy weight body. Every person around me tried to give suggestions for losing weight and at that time, I was busy losing my confidence. But my husband always supported me, he never said anything about my weight. All my clothes were simply hanging in hangers untouched, as due to getting overweight, I couldn’t wear them. I was getting sad and angry whenever I saw myself in the mirror. Then after some time, I came to know about a weight loss surgery. I studied it on the internet and gathered all information that would help me decide whether I should go for it or not. The surgery’s rates are quite high. Somehow, I managed to convince my husband for this surgery.

As I mentioned, we had started a new venture, so we invested all our savings in it. Surgery required a big amount. We depended on my father-in-law for this decision as he is very sweet and supportive. All I can say is that he is best, he accepted me as his daughter or more than a daughter. I was unable to convey the surgery request to my father-in-law. How could I demand such a big amount from him? I knew he loves me but I was also worried whether he would agree or not. Then my husband gave me the courage to talk about surgery with my father-in-law. Then I asked him and my husband supported in that, to talk to him properly. But my father-in-law answered in a single statement.

He said, “Aapko jaise sahi lagta hai dekhlo, koi dikkat nahi hai”, in a very sweet voice.

He didn’t even ask how much money he needs to pay, he just agreed. I hope every girl in this world gets father-in-law like mine. It is not just about money, it’s about support, love, care, respect, which I always get. I had undergone surgery last year in September and shed all the weight. I am now looking beautiful and he paid all that amount. All credit goes to my father-in-law and my husband for the newfound me.

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