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I'm Not Giving Up On Us, I'm Just Letting Her Go

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My love story started during my undergraduate days.

I never planned to fall for her yet I did.

We became friends first; in fact, she became my best friend and they say that it’s a blessing to fall in love with your best friend. We were happy but the timing was not right and she left.

I never asked her for a reason because I’d promised her that if things ever went south, I’d never ask her anything.

When she left, I didn’t just lose my love, l lost my friend, my partner-in-crime and my whole world. To be honest, I was devastated. It took me years to carry on with my life.

I won't say I was able to move on but I managed to pull through.

Both of us moved to different countries. She met someone there and they dated for a while but things didn’t work out between them.

I never dated anyone after her because I didn’t want to.

One day, she sent me a message. I could sense that she was not happy and that made me sad. Soon, we started talking on a daily basis. I would eagerly wait to Skype with her every day.

Then she visited me and we spoke about everything that happened in our lives. She told me about the guy and I knew that she still liked him.

I even asked her to go back to the guy if that would make her happy but she refused.

After some time, she visited me again and this time I could not control my feelings. I confessed and said, “I love you, I’ve always loved you and I will keep loving you.”

She didn’t reply back at that exact moment but when she was going back to her house, she said that she loved me too. I was really happy. I couldn't believe that I had got her back!

We were happy together but everything has an expiry date.

Her ex-boyfriend texted her saying that he had changed and wanted her back. But this time, I wanted to fight for our bond and I did.

However, she told me that he was as important to her as she was to me.

I knew that I was fighting a lost battle. I had planned my life with her but now it doesn't matter.

There is a thin line between giving up and letting go and today, I am letting go because I want her to be happy.

Yes, a little part of me will always feel sad but I can't do anything about it. Though I understand her situation, I wish we could be together. I just know that I am going to miss my friend, my love and everything again.

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