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I'm Dating A Divorcee And You'll Have A Problem With It For All The Wrong Reasons

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The society has always looked down upon people who came out of their previous legal relationships (marriage). A person who comes out of a marriage is considered a bad person.

If you are a divorcee, chances are that if you want to settle down again you'll have to marry someone who is either a divorcee like you or a widow. Indian families don't have the mentality to accept that someone who hasn't been married before can actually settle down with a person who is a divorcee.

Now coming to the point, I have been dating this man for almost a year and he is divorced. Sometimes I feel weird to be his second but most times I feel lucky that I am the reason for him to fall in love again. I am the reason he gave relationships another chance. Normally, people will assume that this man has a bad character because his former wife chose to leave him.

They'll also probably make assumptions that he might have been cheating on her.

Well none of that is true. I don't want to narrate anything about his past life as I feel I have no right to comment on someone's past. Though he hates her for what she did to him, he thanks her too for teaching him a lesson to be strong as a person and also show the world that had doubted his character that he's a faithful man.

Honestly, I feel blessed to be with him. He actually loves me, he takes care of me and my needs, he does whatever is possible from his side to keep me happy. I am not a very demanding girlfriend but I am a moody one and handling me isn't an easy task. The best part about this relationship is that everyone is happy about it. From my family to my friends, including his own family and friends.

I am really glad that I could bring back his faith in love and relationships, that things actually can last. And one advise to those people who demean divorced men, please consider thinking twice. It's a great idea to settle down for someone like this.

I know many people may refuse to be with people who are divorcees (especially male). We find it hard to accept the fact that our partner was someone else's legal partner. You'll have to try giving them a chance to really know how beautiful they are.

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