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If This Is What Growing Up Means, Then I'm Afraid To Grow Up

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What is growing up? Where is this modern generation headed?

Does growing up mean that you can stick your tongue out in an emoji, but not in reality, as it becomes too childish? Can an emoji depict the turmoil going on inside me?

Does growing mean hiding behind your computer screen and wearing a mask about who you are?

Does it mean hiding your emotions at all times because you will be called ‘too emotional’? Does growing up mean asking people to open up to you and as soon as they do, you start judging them? Does growing up mean that we have lost our sense of humor and making fun of one person is the new type of stand-up comedy?

Does it mean putting up stories of fun on social media but not having real fun?

Or does it mean sitting in a group and looking at each other’s phones?

Does growing up mean pretending to be this perfect person who can never go wrong? Does it mean being critical about everything?

Does growing up mean doing whatever you want without caring if it hurts others?

Does it up mean gossiping about people who are close to you because loyalty has no value anymore? Does it mean practicing hypocrisy and politics at all levels even in relationships and friendship?

Or does it mean running away from commitment because that is the new cool?

Does growing up mean giving up on society because nothing is going to change? Does it mean that debates and discussions are limited only to your groups?

Does growing up mean calculating before helping people even on humanitarian grounds?

Does growing up mean having the highest degree of education and yet acting like the most illiterate person?

What exactly does growing up mean? I am confused; this is the most informed generation in comparison to the previous ones.

We have the latest technology in our hands and yet, we have maximum miscommunication.

How did this happen? The lesser we knew in the past the more seeking we were as humans. We wanted answers; we wanted liberation and hence we took actions.

I respect our ancestors for making us reach this level. Now all I see is people working for their own selves and trying to make ends meet.

No one thinks about how the other person is doing. It’s a time where people are aware of the things that are happening but only questions are being raised with no real solutions.

How did we become this intolerant, egoistic and self-narcissistic bunch in this day and age of knowledge?

When did we stop thinking and taking actions to improve? When did we become so stagnant?

If this is growing up, then I am afraid to grow up.

We are all the same though. We all want to live in our own fantastical land, which we have built around ourselves. Let’s face it, who wants transparency when there is magic or fantasy?

Who wants the reality of struggle on every step of the way when there is a happily ever after?

In these times, it is very confusing as a simple joke could become derogatory to someone else. It is a confusing and hypocritical world that we live in where no one wants to accept reality.

I feel like blindly following Western culture because all of us are becoming one and the same; like robots.

I am not against progress but you don’t have to leave your roots for your growth. It’s time to think and do something because change happens only when everyone does their bit.

Never think that you cannot make a difference.

It’s the most clichéd yet apt line: “Run, take a leap of faith, fail, get up again, and fly high, just don’t stop.”

And never forget who you are and where you come from.

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