If I Ever Stumbled Upon My Ex, I Would Just Ask Her This One Thing

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 18 July, 2018

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. The first time I saw her, she caught my attention and I wished I could get a chance to talk to her.

A few minutes later, my bhabhi (sister-in-law) called and informed me that I had to do a dance performance with her sister at the wedding. My cousin brother was getting married. I came to know later that her sister was the same girl I was looking for. We had a great time dancing together and everyone praised our performance. Next day was followed by reception when she called me up and said she had forgotten her shawl at the hotel. So I drove her back to the hotel to pick up her shawl.

It was such a nice feeling to have her sit in the front seat of my car.

Next day, we had lunch together and even on the bus, we sat together. I was so mesmerized by her presence that I forgot that my full family, altogether 40 members, was there and everyone noticed us. Those were the time of e-mails and yahoo chat, so we had exchanged our mail ID. After few days, when the function was over, we started chatting and I told her that I loved her. My world ended when she replied that she didn’t feel the same for me and so we could stay just as friends.

Our chat session continued and I tried to woo her many times but it didn’t work. She never said those three magical words back.

After a year, we both got our first cell phone and at that time, it wasn’t at all cheap to make an STD call, except for the night time. So we used to talk for the whole night over the phone and then one day, she randomly said, “I love you.” I went crazy and started dancing. It felt like I was the richest person in the world then. All these happened in a span of 2 years and we hadn’t even met once in between. So I planned to go and finally meet her. I took the morning flight at 6 am and returned the same day by 9 pm. I gave the excuse at home that I was going to attend a friend’s wedding. Believe me, it sounds easy but I was damn scared what if anyone caught us.

Anyway, we spent the day well and we even discussed our marriage. I told her that I wanted to marry her and we should discuss it with our parents. She responded well and it seemed that she wanted the same. Before leaving, she hugged me tight at the airport and we even kissed. It was the first kiss of my life. Her lips felt so soft against mine.


Days passed by and then one fine day, she said that her father would never agree to our marriage and so we should stop right here. I cried a lot and kept listening to all the emotional songs the whole day. My favourite then was, “Tumko bhi hai khabar…kabhi alvida na kehna.” But this didn’t last long.

We couldn’t stay away from each other and we started talking again.

We planned to meet again and this time we met at a café. I still remember that in the menu card, there was a picture of Ganeshji and she knew how much faith I had in him. She said that I was a very nice guy and whomever I would marry will be a lucky girl. And then asked me to forget her and move on in life, as her father would never agree to us.

That day, I promised myself that I would never text her until she wanted but I still love her a lot.

Till today, she hasn’t contacted me back. But one thing that bothers me the most is that if she really loved me. Because she has had love marriage with a guy from another caste. Was this the reason why she told me that her father wouldn’t agree for us?

Whatever it may be, I wish her good luck in life and hopes that she stays happy always. I still love her and will never stop doing that. Although I am happily married now, and I have a beautiful and caring wife who loves me a lot, but I just wish to ask her one thing if we ever meet again. And that is, “Did you ever love me?”

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