I’d Do Anything To Bring Her Back Into My Life. Even Become A Completely Changed Man.

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Hey, so today, I start typing down a journey that I am going to take. And I will fight for my love; the love that showed me how to be a human, how to learn to appreciate things, how to be humble and never to take undue advantage when someone loves you.

I am 30 years old and after having one of the most horrible breakups, I met a nice girl as a rebound. But things didn’t really work out between us but I pray that she is happy. It was bad of me that I just cut off from her and life took a turn back on me. Like they say karma can be a bitch.

I hurt someone who cared for me and now the same had happened to me.

The girl who changed my world (going back to the start of this article), this woman showed me how to live your life, loved me like a baby and it all seemed like the one relationship that you always want. It was just perfect. Until that one more day in my life where she told me since we were going to be married, she wanted to go back home to spend a year with her mother. She was much attached to her dog as well and she always said that she would want to go back home and then come back to me forever.

I supported her decision as I believed that our love could never separate us.

And moreover, Delhi wasn’t too far but life had something else in store for us. The first two months were filled with tears and conversations of how we missed those times spent together. We would talk about our first date, rides all over Mumbai and how things we dreamt of came true until distance became a bitch and because of my nasty past relationship, I would always doubt on her every time she went out.

I didn’t realize that she was mine and she would never do things to hurt me.

But I screwed up things right before Christmas last year by fighting using the most abusive language I ever did. I saw the end nearing me soon but the confidence of my love was stronger than the language and fights we had. But for the lady of my dreams, it was her ‘self-respect’ which I had tampered majorly with. She was the one lady who had loved me selflessly and I acted like a selfish human who failed to respect her and her love for me. All she wanted was my time and I even failed to give her that too.  

It has been three days since our second year anniversary and I don’t have my baby in my arms.

It’s all my fault. My mistrust, my arrogant nature, stubbornness, hot temper and foul-mouthed led me to lose her. All she ever wanted was to see us happy. I have more than regret in my heart and all I want is my baby back. I have even turned into a man today she always wanted me to be.

I have left all my bad habits and I am trying to live a better life but the day this lady walked out of my life, my world came crashing down. I don’t ask for sympathy here but for a chance to make this right and beautiful again. To get back to the way it was – happy, smiling, and playful. I want to do all those things we missed out. I don’t want to lose another minute without her. I would do everything that will take to make things right again.

Please, my love, come back to me. I promise no more pain, no more tears, and no negativity. Just you and me. Let’s make this happen again.

To the lady of my dreams, to the beauty of my life, to the happiness that I have lost with you not being in my life, please give me another chance. I love and miss you the most, my doll. And the people who know me if you can help me find my baby girl, I would be forever grateful to you.

I love you, I love you.
I need you more than ever. I am a better human now. To all the mothers, sisters, friends and family, if you know my doll, please bring her back to me. I need to tell her that I need a chance and I am ready to accept that I was wrong in everything. Hurting you was the biggest sin and I pray with a sincere heart and make a request to all men that –

Never disrespect your lady
Always give her time
She is going to leave her family for you, so always take care of her
Don’t abuse or raise your hands on her
Don’t doubt
Stay loyal
Don’t lie

Last but not the least, I want to apologize to all her family and friends that I am sorry I let you guys down but all I need is a chance and I won't ever break her heart. And I won't let her down.

From the man who loves you the most,
Ashville Simoens

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