I Would Happily Fall In Love With You If You Ended All These Lies

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 28 February, 2018

I am a 30-year-old software professional. I had a girlfriend with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life. But as I was just in the beginning phase of my career, we mutually decided to call it quits in 2010. I became financially stable and my parents found a girl for me, in their circle. They asked me to go and meet her. She is from a remote village and I was assuming that she must be innocent, and not knowing much about the metro culture. I met her and we both agreed for marriage. She is beautiful, and I couldn't believe she was from a remote village. I had always thought that I will give utmost respect to my wife. So, I never thought of any other girl, even though I am working in an MNC company with corporate culture.

I started giving all my time and respect to her as she was going to be my wife.

I gifted her a phone so that we could talk and chat on WhatsApp. We would chat and once I took her to a nearby town so that we could get to know each other better. She would never call me, and it was only me who would call her and ask after her wellbeing. I always wanted to make this an arranged-cum-love marriage. I never felt she that she loved me, so I would ask her whether she had anyone in her mind and if so then I will happily back out and talk to our parents so that things end smoothly. But she told me that she doesn't have anyone in her mind and that she will marry me only. I told everyone about her, in my office and her name is a known one, for everybody in my team.

But she did not tell her friend circle which made me doubt why she still wants to be open to relationships.

I asked her to declare our relationship on Facebook, that coming Valentine’s day. After a lot of requests, she finally created her Facebook account. It was Promise Day, and we made many promises to each other, to make our relationship stronger, just like all lovebirds do.

The next morning when I called her, I found out that her number was busy. When I asked her, she lied to me that she was talking to a girl about her college work.

But when I asked her for the screenshot, she told me the truth, that she was talking to a boy from her college and it was just a friendly chat. I got mad and I asked her for the boy’s number, and she gave it to me.

I spoke to that boy and came to know that he too, had proposed to her but she had denied and he was not aware of our engagement.

Since this was arranged by our parents, I did not have the courage to call off the wedding. So, I forgave her for her lies. We declared our relationship on the last day of Valentine week, on February 14th.

But that one lie of hers was not going away from my thoughts, and it was always there. Even though I tried hard to erase it from my mind.

I am not a narrow-minded guy. I gave her every freedom, made her my priority and supported her in every way, whenever required. When she came in my life, I never thought about any other girl.

Then why did she have to lie to me for such a simple thing? I lost my faith on her because I had been taking our relationship seriously.

So, at last, I told her parents that I have lost my faith on their girl and I am not going marry her. Her parents got angry and their reaction is natural in villages, if a boy denies marriage after one year of talking and being in a close relationship. Now our parents not on talking terms, and it's like we have permanently broken our family’s relationships. Now I am engaged to someone else, but I still miss her.

I don't know whether I did the right or wrong thing, but I can't build a relationship with doubts in my mind.
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