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I Will Get Back At My Ex Who Harassed And Abused Me When I Was Only A Teenager

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My story is dated back to 2010. I met this guy through Facebook. We had a few chit chats and then exchanged numbers. I was very hesitant to meet him at first. But then I ended up meeting after talking to him for quite a while. I don't know when I fell in love with him. I was in my first year of engineering then. Everything was going well for the first few months. I was living my fairy tale dream. By the way, he was one of my friends’ ex so I was hesitant to accept when he proposed to me. I am from a small town called Mangalore. So this guy had to pursue his MBA and he moved away to Bangalore. This is when the trouble started in my paradise. I was a virgin and he told me that he is one too. I blindly believed him, not that I had any problems with non-virgins.

Once he moved to Bangalore, he started avoiding me for some reason, but I couldn't figure it out.

I tried harder and harder so that he wouldn't avoid me. One day he told me that he kissed this girl when she had come home. I was shattered, my world became upside-down. I forgave him. I said, “please don't break my heart again, I can't afford to live without you”. But his infidelity stories continued.

Every other day I would catch him with a different girl. I kept crying, begging him not to cheat on me, he would say he wouldn't and did the same thing again, anyway.

This went on and on to no end. If I tried avoiding him, he would break into my apartment at midnight and disturb my parents. He broke the glass of my dad’s car and hit me regularly. Even though he cheated on me, I would beg him to come back to me Then one day he called me up and said that he was going for a movie with this girl and I should do whatever I want to. I lost my mind. I went to the mall to search for him and I found him. I did not see who the girl was.

What he did then was, b******, he called up my father saying that I was harassing him in the mall.

By now it was almost four years. I had completed my engineering. My dad came and there were a hell lot of scenes in there. That day I decided this was it. We called his parents and told him this is the end. One more time he bothers me, I will finish him. I left him with this warning. Because of him, I used to regularly get beatings from my dad, as they got frustrated too. The worst part was, he morphed my pictures and sent it to a few of my friends. I couldn't do anything then. I was helpless, I had to shut my mouth for the sake of society. Now when I think of it, I wonder how could I let go of such an evil person who has tortured me so much. He used to make videos of me crying and begging him to stay in my life. Such an evil bastard he was. Later I found out that he had almost slept with 30 girls while he was dating me. And he even got a girl pregnant and they aborted the baby.

Now I am 25 years old, happy and content. I am married to a wonderful man who treats me like a princess.

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