I Will Always Be Glad I Fell In Love With Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 31 October, 2017

I joined coaching classes with my friends. We would stay together in college and in coaching classes too and keep pulling each others' leg, all day. One day, while running for my coaching class, I bumped into her.

I simply looked into her eyes and fell in love. I didn't understand this feeling then. Her magical eyes just swept the ground beneath me. I don’t know what happened to me but I forgot the entire world around me.

She asked to be excused in the sweetest voice and I let her pass. I could not concentrate during the lecture, that day. Those beautiful eyes just kept following me everywhere. Usually, I am the talkative one among my friends but that day I didn’t speak a word. I was lost completely. I couldn't even sleep that night. I stayed in her trance for the next few days. My best friend, Pratik noticed the change in me and asked me what was wrong. I didn’t know how to explain anything to him, so I just told him about her. He told me her name and from that day onward, I would just observe her in our tuition all the time. The impression of her face, her magical eyes, her charming smile, her bold body language, her joyous expressions and most importantly, her extremely soft voice embedded themselves in my heart.


Pratik asked me to talk to her but I was just too shy. I could not speak to her.

I was happy watching her from a distance. I would come early from college everyday to catch a glimpse of her in tuition.

Then one day, she didn't come. I came to know that she wasn't well. I felt so bad that I started praying for her.

In fact, I fasted for her for eight days. I never thought I could stay hungry for 8 days and survive on water, but she proved to be my strength. I could do anything for her happiness.

Then one day, I was on a bus with a friend when suddenly I started feeling restless. My heart started beating fast the way it did only when she was near me. I simply got off the bus stop and realized that it was the same bus stop she used to get down at, every day. I remembered watching her take the opposite lane, once. I followed that lane and kept going straight. I called Pratik and he started scolding me, asking me to come back and prepare for my exam due the next day. As I turned to go, I saw her at the intersection with her mother. I could not believe my eyes. I told Pratik about it and he asked me to go talk to her right now or forget her forever.

I called out her name and made up a story as to what I was doing there and asked her about some doubt I had in Physics. She started explaining it to me on the road itself. Her mother then asked me to come to their house and I readily agreed. At her place, she cleared all my doubts and slowly, we became friends. I felt like the happiest and the luckiest person alive. I just wanted to know her more and soon we began talking for long hours over the phone. On my birthday, I reached tuition early, waiting for her to wish me. But she forgot that it was my birthday. My friends even pretended to loudly wish me in front of her, but she just left classes in the middle. I felt so sad that I didn't even celebrate my birthday that year. Then, late in the night, she texted and wished me. She told me that she had had to visit the hospital because she hadn't been feeling well.

But I got the feeling that she realized that I liked her more than a friend and so had started keeping her distance from me.

Then, we joined different colleges and for sometime, I became her only close friend. She didn’t find any friends in her class and used to share everything with me. Time passed and we came really close. I started loving her more and more with every passing day. A friend in my college remarked one day that I wasn't being a true friend to her if I was hiding my feelings from her. This resonated with me and I decided to tell her about my feelings. But when I confessed to her, she felt hurt and stopped speaking to me, even though I had told her that I didn't expect anything from her. I always knew that she didn't feel the same way about me. We didn't speak for ten days and then she texted me asking if I was fine. How could I be fine when she wasn't talking to me? But I replied normally and we started talking again.

We are still friends and I still love her more than a friend but I know that it is a one-sided love and will always remain so. I just want her to stay happy, always, with me or without me - that's what true love is about, that's what she taught me.

I don't regret confessing my feelings to her because at least I can now be a true friend to her.

I feel happy to have loved such a wonderful person. She is committed to someone else who truly deserves her. She is happy and I am happy that she found her love.

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