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I Was Sexually Harassed On Sarahah And I'm Not Allowed To Defend Myself

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*For representational purpose only.

Today, I am writing to you hoping that the inappropriateness of certain people on social media can reach out to people. I hope people realize that they're affecting people's lives. 

I am currently studying in Chennai in an engineering college. I have high ambitions like any other girl pursuing engineering. The trends that have been flooding social media such as or SnapChat have never been so exclusive in my life. However, last week, just like any other girl in their early twenties or teens would do, I downloaded an app called Sarahah. Figuring it is for confessions, I thought it would be a good time pass. I thought it'd be something fun. And it was.

All sorts of messages started flooding in, such as "You're pretty", "I want to meet you", these were the funny posts. It was great until a message showed up asking what my cup size is, and that the anonymous person would like to sleep with me. I was furious.

I was adamant to teach him a lesson. So, I posted a caption along with the post describing how horrible people can get. In no time, that post was flooded with angry reactions and comments telling how terrible people were. I was happy to show people their real faces.

But that's not about it, right? In about 5 days, a very good male friend calls me to tell me what people are talking behind my back. He said that 'men' were gossiping among themselves that I was desperate for posting it. I was told that I was trying to gain attention and hence, I posted the screenshot of their messages, and I must remove it immediately.

I stood my ground for as long as I could, but ultimately deleted the post because I failed to make my own friends believe in my true intentions. But I have not failed as a person or as a woman. I am writing this message so that every girl must know that they must be firm on their decision if they know it is right.

Criticism will find its way and will try to destroy you. Prove to them that you are more than that. Believe in what you chose to do and never let anybody, no matter how good acquaintances they are, let you change your decision.

For you are growing up to be a woman of a kind. You will need to have strong beliefs to make your grounds firmer. I believe in you. A woman believes in you.

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