I Was Raped By My Father's Best Friend Because My Parents Made Me Hold His Legs And Beg Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 18 January, 2017

I was 12 when my parents were going through a tough financial crisis. It was then when he found the window of opportunity to step into our lives.

Who was he? My father's best friend. He was good in studies so he convinced my parents to send me for private tuitions to him.

I was young, naive, and dumb so I went for those lessons with absolute faith in humanity. No awards for guessing what the lessons were about! It all started with dirty touches and pinches. I still remember his filthy face when he got pleasure out of touching and pinching me. The lessons soon proceeded to kissing and fingering in all the wrong places.

I felt vulnerable. I told my mom that I didn't like him. My mom obviously didn't give a second thought to what I said. I kept going to him, knowing what'll happen to me in his house. Still praying that, "God, let him not hurt me!"

One day he tried to push a beer bottle in me. When I shouted out loud, he hit him with a piece of wood. I kept hitting him and so he fled.

When my parents came back home they asked me where he was. I said that he hurt me and so I had beaten him away. They refused to believe me and instead made me hold his legs and beg for forgiveness. So I did that, I begged him after what he did to me.

When he saw how my parents had no faith in me, he became even more confident with his act. Obviously. The very next day, he raped me. He raped me every single day ever since.

He force-fed me pills and then he'd hurt me again. He kept doing this till I was 16. One day I felt so sick, I could not get out of my bed. I was bleeding profusely. I couldn't understand what was happening to me. My mother saw the pool of blood and called an ambulance. In the hospital I came to know that my vagina was torn and the uterus had been severely hurt. The anus and rectum had also been damaged. The doctor was shocked and asked my parents what had happened.

My insensitive parents knew everything but they kept quiet. Till date I'm living with them. That man is dead now ..he had cancer. I wake up everyday and I take care of my parents. I do whatever is humanly possible to keep them comfortable. I hope they suffer immensely at the hands of their conscience, just like my father's best friend.

I believe that God is fair. He'll punish my parents too. That horrible phase of my life, when all I had was pain and suffering has made me the woman of steel that I am today.
Editor's Note:

It was extremely difficult to edit this story without the thought of going after this man with full force. Unfortunately, the confession was anonymous and it's difficult to reach out to the girl. But the more this story gets shared, chances are it'll reach her and she'll be encouraged to take action NOW. Why should she wait for God to punish her parents?