I Was Pregnant With His Baby And I'm Glad About What Happened Next: I Can't Thank God Enough

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 1 June, 2017

College life is a different world altogether. And if you’re staying in a hostel, then that is almost like ‘sone pe suhaga’. When I first stepped into my college life and began living at the hostel, I had never thought that I would receive the worst blows of my life here.

I was not naive but definitely, I hadn’t lost my innocence.

In my 2nd year, a boy who was 6 years senior to me lay a well planned trap to snare me in a relationship. Even though I understood that, I was helpless to do anything that could get me away from him. Everything I said and did went on to be a pathetic excuse for denying a relationship and eventually, I became his girlfriend. 


After 5 months, I went for a marriage party on his family’s side. There, I was handed over a drink which was spiked. I was dimmed considerably, but didn’t lose my senses. My alleged boyfriend had sex with my semi-comatose body without protection. He apologized for that the next morning. 

The next month, I missed my period. I took a pregnancy test and the results were positive. I was pregnant. It made me happy but I knew I couldn’t keep my first baby. 

I had to abort the baby, all by myself. I bled. Fell unconscious on the street, alone. I heard people taunting and mocking me. Comments about me were doing rounds in the campus.

I stood firm on my ground. But my so-called boyfriend wasn’t there, since I had caused a major glitch in his plan. He wanted to trap me in marriage with the pregnancy so he could torture me and my parents. 


For this, I had to face six more months of emotional torture; I went into a major depressive episode. It took me almost a year to come back to myself. I couldn’t clear off the guilt. I broke up with him while his family and friends spoke rubbish and went on to abuse me verbally.

Eventually, I left the city for my higher studies. But God had other plans for me and I had to come back home. On the way, I met a man whom I can proudly say, is the love of my life – a man who knows the meaning of honour, commitment, integrity and respect. 

I am just glad that I did not bear the child of that man. And I am grateful to God for giving me the second chance at life.

Editor's Note:

Share this story because it takes courage to move on from an experience so bad but it's more than worth it.