I Was Okay Losing My Virginity To Him But I Can't Be His Girlfriend

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 26 May, 2018

I had never dreamt of this, what happened was just like magic, that night. Perhaps it is meant to remain in my memory. I had invited him for dinner that evening, and all that happened was so unexpected. I had met Rony six months back through a common friend as Rony was in my town for his business meeting. Whenever he would come, our trio would catch up every now and then. This was perhaps Rony's fourth trip to the town.

This time, my bestie was not around so Rony and me, like the other times did catch up again over coffee and snacks.

Two days later, I invited him to dinner at my place as long back, once I had mentioned to him that someday I would like to invite him to my place. I kept my promise and he was there. After dinner, it was hard for him to get a cab to return back. After repeatedly trying for almost an hour, I asked him to stay back at my place that night as it was almost midnight. Rony ventured to sleep on the divan in my living room and I headed towards my bedroom. I just dropped to sound sleep the moment I hit my sack. After an hour’s time, I got up to drink water which is my regular habit and I saw Rony twisting and turning on the divan.

I guess the place being new, he wasn't quite comfortable.

As I was about to go back to bed, I saw him entering my room and he sat on my bed. He announced that he wanted to sleep on my bed as he was getting bored in the living room. My jaw was open but I didn't say anything and made some space for him. I got comfortable in a space further from him and slept off, only to see in the wee hours of the morning that Rony’s arms were all around me and one of the hands groped me. I woke up with a startle and by the time I could say anything he was almost awake. Our eyes got transfixed and our lips were busy mouthing some inaudible prayers perhaps. The unruly lips did the magic. And much before I could even gather my senses we started making love, all quiet and yet so passionately. I was a virgin until then, as I always wanted to preserve my virginity. But alas that day I became so hapless.

An hour later, we both got up and ran to the washrooms. I started washing my linens and Rony was in his bath.

I took my bath and then prepared breakfast for both of us. It was so quiet until then. After breakfast, I cleared the dishes and had to rush to my office and Rony to his place. A gush of excitement beguiled me that moment. Rony came closer to me and held my hands, I froze back again.

''Rimi I want to get into a relationship with you", these were the lines straight out of his heart. I pushed him away and said, “no I am not ready for it”.

Rony kept looking at me and I gave him a blank look. A few minutes later, we both made our way to our respective places. The whole day in the office, I kept thinking of him. Why was it that I said no to him? I allowed him to make love to me, now when he wants me in his life why am I doing all this? But it's been almost a year since then and till now, I couldn't get the answer. After that day, we never saw or spoke to each other again.

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