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I Was Lazying On The Couch At My Best Friend's Place When This Happened

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*For representational purpose only.

I still remember the day when I first lay eyes on him. It was a warm summer afternoon as I spent the day lazing on a couch devouring scrumptious cookies at my bestie’s abode. Time had lost its purpose as my only way to pass it was gaping at the clock with seconds passing into minutes and minutes passing into hours.

My life had managed to touch rock bottom as I lay on the couch motionless, my vision now fixated on the lizard as it made its way from one side of the ceiling to the other.

‘Enough is enough’, a sudden voice in my head roared with fury. ‘I am not going to let a creepy reptile dominate my Monday afternoon. What happened to the fun and vivacious me? When did that spark in me die? Has puberty reincarnated to haunt me all over again? I can’t take this anymore. I know what I need… A new zeal in life.’

That was the moment when he entered the room and in perspective, entered my life. His mere presence in the room brought along an aura of gusto.

I had never seen someone as cute and charming ever before in my life. Those light brown eyes, curly shampooed hair and sharp features made me go weak in my knees, and I was lying on the Goddamn Couch! Being the only other one being present in the room, he locked his eyes on me. I curled up in embarrassment.

Then with long strides, he slowly made his way towards the couch. I could feel my heart pounding inside my chest, trying to break free.

With a sudden bolt, he jumped on the couch right beside me. As the couch bounced up and down, so did my heart, reverberating with the impact of his recent existence in my life. He slowly brought his face close to mine. I could not feel my pulse anymore. Then, with his mouth an inch away from my ear, he softly whispered his first and probably only words to me that I would ever hear from him,

“Woof Woof!”

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