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I Was His Rebound Girlfriend And It Was Worse For Me

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It was last year when I met this guy for the first time. He was quite mysterious, humble, helpful and a wonderful colleague to work with. His very first appearance was charming, his body language, his way of talking everything drove me towards him. Initially, we had brief talks related to work that gradually turned into late night talks and then we shared the personal conversation about family and friends.

During one such conversation, he told me about his ex-girlfriend and how she had left him.

Call it sympathy, but I kind of started developing a soft corner for him and was trying to lift him up. He gradually started to come out of it and I was falling for him. We had the same taste for food, the same sense of humour and everything was fine. We became quite close and everything was like a fairy tale yet we both were scared of confessing our love. Then in between all this, he went home and I was all set to surprise him upon his returning.

One day he texted that his ex-girlfriend wanted to meet him and I said okay without even a second of thought or doubt.

I thought that it's better to finish the old relationship before starting our relationship. He was quite tensed after meeting her and called me up saying that she wanted him back. I controlled myself and asked what he wanted. He said that he doesn't want to be with her. I confessed as he returned and the story began with romantic outings, cosy dates and everything a couple can dream of until his ex-girlfriend texted me.

She pinged me on a social networking site and started talking and pretending to be unaware of me being the girl with her ex-boyfriend. I was sympathetic that she might be low and depressed so tried to console her. I guess that was my biggest mistake. Gradually my boyfriend's attitude towards me started changing; things that once made him fall for me now annoyed him. I was clueless about everything that was going around.

Then one day, she called me up saying that I have ruined everything between them and he would never love me and that he has told everyone that I was just a rebound for him. I was so depressed that I called him up and he just comforted me.

Later one day, he texted that things were not working between us and that he didn't love me anymore.

I was shattered as I was planning to tell my parents about him. I begged him to at least tell me what was my mistake but he remained silent. Later I got to know that he got back with his ex-girlfriend. I did not confront him for that would have been embarrassing.

I subsided and was recovering when he once again hit me with the drama of he had no other choice and that if he had the option he would have spent his life with me. Though I have moved on and I am engaged to the most wonderful person yet it hurts when I ask myself, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ In loving him unconditionally? Or in thinking of that girl's feelings? I had to pay for something wherein I don't even know what my fault was!

They are married now and his wife still blames me for everything.

All I can do is to listen to her accusations because my only crime was I loved and trusted the wrong man! He says he is guilty of ruining my life but will it change everything? I do not love him anymore but the thing that hurts me the most is that I have lost all the respect for him!


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