I Walked Out Of An Abusive Marriage Only Because Of My Brothers

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 22 February, 2018

Today, my life is a roller coaster ride, it’s got all those unpredictable ups and downs that I almost can’t handle at times. Talking about my life, I used to be a happy-go-lucky kind of girl who got everything in her hand since I was a kid, sometimes, without even asking. Being the youngest in my family and the only sister to three older brothers, I was the most loved member at home.

I’m proud to say that I’ve always had a supportive family who always taught me to be independent and never, ever, to lead my life according to someone else.

After completing my studies, I was trying to get a job in Pune and that was getting really tiresome, but fate had something else in mind for me. I landed a job in an MNC in Mumbai and that was a dream come true for me.

My second brother was the one who was helping me with my interviews and even to settle down in Mumbai. I was very happy exploring a new job and this new city and that’s when I met him. Yes, the one whom every girl begins dreaming of when she’s a little girl, my better half.

We were madly in love. We enjoyed our three years of courtship and it was perfect! Soon, my father told me that it was time for me to get married. And so I told my brothers about him. They helped us out a lot.

It wasn’t a cake walk, no matter how much we tried. His father was against our relationship from the beginning and even created a lot of drama to stop our marriage. Somehow, we were all convinced that the marriage would work, even though they were against us.

I was happy that I was going to spend my life with the person I was in love with. But there was something which was worrying me, slightly.

His parents didn’t share a good relationship with each other and he told me that they were always fighting. He used to talk a lot about his mother, and I thought this was extremely sweet. And so, when she called my family and spoke about dowry and even complained that she thought that we weren’t taking care of their guests.

Somehow, I managed to stay quiet through this ordeal, even though I was furious that she was talking to my parents in that manner. I tried talking to him about what his mother had said and done, but being the talented man that he was, he told me not to make an issue of it now and that he would talk to his mother about this later on.

We got married and for a few days, I almost forgot about all of this pre-wedding mess between our families. I even managed to strike a good rapport with his relatives and even though I found them to be conservative, I enjoyed their company.

Ten days into our marriage, my husband surprised me by telling me that he wasn’t satisfied with what my father had given them as dowry.

I soon found out that his family was great show-offs and they wanted to show the world that they were extremely rich and decent people, however, this was all a façade. He kept reminding me that he has no savings and that he would need mine. I ended up paying for appliances for the house, electronic gadgets, even a two-wheeler.

Between all of this, we had so many fights because of his parent's behavior too. They made me suffer a lot and wanted me to change, entirely, for them. They would tell the world they have the perfect daughter-in-law when in reality, they would crib about how I wasn’t being the best for their ‘perfect’ son.

When I would repeat all these things to my husband, he would change the topic and tell me that soon we’ll shift and leave all of this behind.

I began taking my frustration out at work; I ended up crying around my colleagues and they began getting worried about me. Some of my friends even confessed that they thought I was falling into depression. I couldn’t blame them. My husband had become a momma's boy and it was horrible seeing her interfere with every decision that affected us and me.

Slowly, my house was becoming too claustrophobic for me. I decided that it was time for me to take a stand for myself and leave this house forever. Luckily, I had a work project in Pune and so I could shift there and stay with my brothers and continue work from there too.

Then after multiple fights and intense conversations between my brothers and my husband, I shifted back to Mumbai only if he promised to leave his house and he did. We shifted to a rented apartment and started our life again. But he wasn’t happy and kept blaming me for separating him from his parents and his brother. The worst side of himself began showing up now. There was absolutely no topic left in our lives that we didn’t fight over.

I began living in a shell, worried if he was in a bad mood, he might turn on me. One day, because of his atrocities, I had to leave my house, one that I had created with so much love. I couldn’t take it anymore, him or his constant humiliation.


When I left my house, my family supported me a lot and helped me get all my belongings back to Pune. My husband tried to get in touch with me, to reconcile, he probably ran out of money and I was done with his behaviour towards me.

Today, we’re getting a divorce but I have my job in Pune, my supportive colleagues and of course, my family members. But one thing always keeps pinching me, why do people change, so drastically after marriage?
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