I Waited For My Mother To Get Justice But Now, I'm Going To Fight For What Is Hers

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 4 July, 2018

She got married to my uncle and became my best friend even though she was older than me by 25 years. Like me, she was also a single child and her mother had passed away recently. She had worked as a nurse in the USA and expressed her desire to settle there with our entire family.

She was an amazing woman or so I thought. Our family showered her with love but she had other plans.

Even before she entered the house, she had just one objective - to destroy our happiness and tear the family apart.

Within a year of her marriage to my uncle, my mom and dad separated. My mom and I didn't have anything and we had to build our lives from scratch. And we did, we made our small world and struggled to survive.

I wasn't sad because I believed that we had the support of my grandparents, my uncle, and my amazing aunt.

However, no one had the courage to report my alcoholic, abusive father to the police or save my mom and me. After the separation, my grandparents refused to support my mom because she had left my father.

My grandparents made my mom look like the villain.

Was she a villain for trying to save her daughter from her abusive husband who didn't understand the difference between a daughter and a mistress? But mom didn’t let anything affect her, as she was more concerned about protecting me.

After a few years, my aunt took my uncle to the USA to settle down. All of us were happy for both of them.

They didn't have any children and whenever someone asked my uncle about having kids of his own, he’d say that I was like his daughter so he didn’t need children.

However, as Indians, we literally force people to get married and have children and my grandparents did the same with my uncle. They started forcing him to have a child, as he was already 35 years old. After 7 years of being married, my uncle and aunt had a son.

Initially, my uncle and aunt supported my mom's decision to get separated. They would call us almost every day to check on us. They didn't help us financially but their moral support meant a lot to us.

As a family, we were happy though somewhere, everyone did blame my mother for everything that had happened.

According to Indian society, a single mother is a reflection of bad character. Two and a half years after my uncle's son was born, my mom decided to file for divorce. By this time I was 18 and I was happy with my mom’s decision. I convinced my grandparents to support her in her decision and fortunately, they agreed. This is when my uncle and aunt started showing their true colors.

They didn't want my mom to get a divorce; in fact, they expected mom and me to go back to my father.

When I heard this, I thought that I was mistaken because they always wanted my mom to be happy. But it was true; they did not support her decision. I wondered what had changed and I discovered that they didn't want to share the ancestral property. My aunt wanted the property to herself.

As a result, my uncle and aunt stopped calling us. They told my grandparents that my mom had abused them. After hearing this, my grandparents truly believed that my mom was the villain.

My uncle had always been my pillar of support but I could see that he had changed.

I felt hurt and broken. Mom and I had created a life for each other but after all those years, we needed money. My mom's divorce lawyer had played us and she didn't allow us to ask my father for any maintenance. We had no option but to ask our friends and family for help. My uncle had stopped talking to us, so we asked my grandparents but they didn't support us.

Some friends who knew my mom offered to help her. But the money that had been borrowed needed to be returned and we didn't have any resources. We ran out of money. By this time, I tried to make things work between my grandparents and my mom and they decided to support me for my future.

However, I didn't know that they didn't have any source of income either.

They had transferred the ancestral property on my uncle's name and my aunt decided to play with our lives. She wanted the property and my uncle gave in to all her demands. He was her dancing monkey. It's been 3 years and my aunt still won't give us anything. They are not ready to look after my grandparents who gave them everything.

When my grandfather asked them to give back the property, my uncle resorted to threatening and abusing us.

The property was written as a will, which can’t be changed. My uncle is just buying time for himself and waiting for my grandfather to die so that he doesn't have to give the property or a share to my mom. If we file a legal case, it will take us at least six more years.

Moreover, my grandparents care more about their reputation than their daughter or granddaughter.

They do not want to go the legal way. The property is worth two crores but my uncle and aunt are not ready to give us even two lakh when we have a loan of 10 lakh to repay. Legally, every son and daughter has equal right on an ancestral property but my aunt has stolen that right from my mother.

I am 21 now. Life is still the same or probably worse since my 18th birthday. And I blame my aunt for everything.

My uncle used to be the sweetest man, a family guy who would do anything for me, his niece.

But the last time that I spoke to him, which was over a year ago, he abused my mother and me. He called my mother s**t because she didn't have a husband. My aunt yelled at me and said that I was an insult to their family.

She changed him and made him into a puppet that would do anything for his wife.

My mom, who was forced to marry at the age of 18, has not had a glimpse of happiness for a long time and my aunt is making sure that my mom is never happy. The last time I talked to her she said that my father was a great man and I should respect him.

But I just remember him as the man who saw his own daughter as a mistress and tried to kiss her!

I can't understand why my aunt is hurting us. All of us loved her so much. She was my amazing aunt but she ruined our lives. Recently, my mom and I filed a legal case against my father for maintenance.

This might sound like a fake story, the one you only see in films. But this is the truth of my life. There is always another side to this story but I don’t think my aunt can justify her actions. She ruined my family and for what? Just for the money! Now, I’ve decided that I will fight for my mom.

I’ve waited for the justice she deserves but I won’t anymore.

I will fight for what is hers. And I hope that karma gives my aunt what she deserves.

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