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I Tried Ignoring My Feelings For Him But In The End, My Best Friend Is My Biggest Love

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My name is Aisha (name changed). I don’t typically indulge with all, but once I’ve become a part of someone’s world, I can’t get them away from them. Meeting him was nothing less than a miracle and that’s when I began believing in magic.

This happened when I was studying engineering. His name is Arjun (name changed) and he’s my classmate. My best friend turned out to be our mutual friend and that’s how I ended up meeting him often.

I’ve also realized that every event in our lives happens for a reason, there are no coincidences in life. Whether it’s a heartbreak or a beautiful memory, it all happens for a reason.

It takes time to get to know Arjun, but once someone gets to know him, they find a true friend in him, forever. Arjun mostly indulged in sports as opposed to his studies and he was one of the best badminton players that our college had seen. It was his dream to become a reputed badminton player. He once told me that every game he plays, takes him closer to his dream and he loved it. He was a very cheerful person. Except for one day, I could see the anger in his eyes. Something was wrong and I couldn’t understand why he was so disheartened. I tried talking to him, but he didn’t say anything.

One day, he sent me a heart emoticon on WhatsApp, I’ve never truly understood the meaning of it, until one day, he told me those two magical words, I know that it’s three in English, but when he texted me, it was in Spanish, “Te Amo” he sent.

I wasn’t very surprised because a lot of boys had confessed their feelings for me, but I was a little surprised since it was from him.

I ignored it at first but slowly, the more time we spent with each other; we had this similar way of thinking and I couldn’t help but agree too.

We both behave like kids when we’re together. He always asks me to wear a duppata, and this makes me smile. I can feel his love for me through his eyes, which I’ll keep close to my heart, forever.

We fight, we laugh, we tickle and beat each other, we scold each other in extreme situations too. He hurt me once, on my birthday; he didn’t wish me the way I expected him to. I was heartbroken. But after every fight, we only grow closer. Not speaking to him during our fights just makes me miss him more and one day, when he unfriended me because of a horrible fight that broke between us, I remember I cried the whole night and couldn’t even sleep.

I loved calling him, Akku.

Recently, he fractured his hand and this was another heartbreak in my life. I couldn’t see him go through the pain. His weakness is my weakness. I never want to lose him, I don’t know if this is love or friendship, but I’m always going to be there for him, no matter what happens.

Once we finished our engineering, I told him that I was going to New York to pursue my masters. He told me that wherever I chose to go, he’d be with me. I couldn’t stop smiling and I hope that we both find a way to make our dreams come true. I love you Akku

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