I Thought He Was Gone Fate Brought Him Back To Me In The Most Unexpected Way.

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 2 April, 2018

I was in the 12th when this happened. I was an average kid, but that never stopped me from finding a seat on the first bench. Despite being an average student, my teachers always had a pretty good opinion of me as they thought I was extremely sincere.

I and another girl from my class carried the class test notes from the classroom to the staff room. One day, my professor had to attend a staff meeting, so she handed us the keys so that we could keep the test notes inside the cupboard.

The girl who accompanied me opened the cupboard and that’s when I found an old magazine. It was a five-year-old magazine and I was excited to go through its pages. As I joined the school only in the 11th, I found a face that I didn’t recognize.
That charming face, looking back at me, with a wide smile; I was mesmerized. I asked the other girl, who that boy was. She said that he was the school’s head boy back in the days.

I was astonished by his charming looks and in a hurry, I tore away the page before anyone could catch me red-handed.

Every single morning, I would look at his picture and would picture myself with him.
Days passed by and I forgot about him, because of my exams. Once college was over, I emptied the contents of my bag and found his picture.

Soon, I was going to be a college girl and realized that there was no use of crushing over him. I tore the picture and threw it away, with a heavy heart, but an odd smile.

But destiny had different plans for me! One day, when I was online, I came across his profile in the ‘people you may know’ section and I couldn’t stop myself from sending him a request. He accepted and gradually, we began talking and ended up adding each other on Facebook and Instagram. He’s a great guy; he’s so mature and talking to him makes me feel… great.


I’m in my final year of college and I still haven’t told him how I feel.

I hope that I can get the courage to do this one day and that he will have the strength to look at me the way I do.
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