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I Refused To Abort My Fetus And My Baby Turned Out To Be A Fighter Just Like Me

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The pregnancy tests taken by me were all positive. I was going to be a Mum! As the days passed by, my bond with this little life growing in me, became deeper. At our two-month checkup, I was told by the radiologist that a tumour growing inside my left ovary could be cancerous! This meant I needed to get an immediate surgery done to remove it. My world collapsed. I didn't know what to do.

We went to a more senior doctor, who told me, without any emotions, to abort my baby.

She claimed that being a mother doesn't define me as a woman. I was pregnant, and I was already a mother to this unborn fetus. I had grown a bond with this child growing in me, how could she tell me to just rip that life out of me and go on living my life? She wanted me to take away my unborn baby's life to save mine. I heard my husband say, “save my wife, let’s do this!” I was shocked. I looked at him and said no. I refused to abort my child. I will have him or her and die if I have to, but I can not kill my child. My mind was made up as I walked out of that clinic. I knew I would never step foot into that heartless doctor’s chamber again. I returned to my initial family gynaecologist. She was so motherly and totally understood me. She yelled at and assured my husband that she would save our baby and still remove the cyst. I TRUSTED HER.

I went for the surgery with hope and prayed for the life of my unborn child till the anesthesia kicked in.

I felt drained but as I came into my senses I continuously asked if my unborn baby was fine. I was told that the surgery was a success, both me and my baby were perfectly fine. We did it! My strong unborn baby is a fighter just like me. After 6 weeks of rest, I was up and running enjoying every part of my pregnancy. Six and a half months later, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. He is healthy, strong and full of life. I am so glad I listened to my heart and fought for my unborn baby. I cannot thank my own doctor enough for the gift she has given me. My son... My life.

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