I Received These Messages On Sarahah And I Don’t Know What To Do

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 25 August, 2017

I did not know what Sarahah.com was for the longest time.

I am a married woman with a 5 year old kid. I am active on social media. Being a senior recruitment consultant by profession, I have to deal with a lot of candidates on a daily basis. Generally, I deal with mid-senior level hiring, which means, candidates applying for a pay package of 18 to 25 lakhs.

After the offer is made, there is a huge gap of 2-3 months for the notice period. During this period, we are required to keep a tight eye on the candidates. So, I share my personal number with them.


I am no abla nari, I can handle a few chat requests and comments like, “hey you look so hot!” or “how do you maintain that figure?” or “I wish we had met 10 years back!”

My point is, I am a strong woman and I have managed all this without even bothering my husband.

Then this sarahah.com happened! My friend made her account and received such sweet messages, I got tempted to make one too. First message I received was - “your boobs look like donuts to me, yummy!”

Then few of my colleagues definitely sent me lovely messages. Next morning, first thing I received was this:

Hey babe, you are just so damn beautiful! I am in love with your curves, wish I could feel them someday..and you will love it too! Whenever I see your picture, I just feel like coming to you and grabbing you by your butt and kiss you!”

Imagine! Where people are scared of saying one word because they are scared of getting caught, this application has given people the freedom to say whatever they want without any fear.

Author's Note:

Now please tell me, shall I deactivate my account and be a coward or reply to them on social media?