I Once Loved A Man Who Was Love Deprived. It Wasn’t Easy But It Was Worth It.

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 1 August, 2017

He is the best I have ever had. It all started 30 months ago, in December 2015. After my sister got married, I happened to plan a trip to Goa with my folks to fill the void my sister had left behind. I had just gone to have fun and wasn't looking for anybody as, since my last breakup, I had been single for three years.

I had stopped believing in love and gave up on the idea of it when he came around.

You know what they say, it always happens when you are least expecting it and that was exactly what happened to me. So he happened to be my cousin's best friend who was also in Goa at the same time. We partied together every night and I didn't notice him at all, I was busy getting wasted until the last night.

I had no idea my life was going to change forever.

The last night, he tried to make a conversation with me and the fact that he was my brother’s friend, I was responding to him very carefully as we had lots of shots and I was pretty drunk too. It wasn't fun anymore. So he suddenly came up to me, while this song was playing in the background "blame it on the night, blame it on me" and pointed out towards himself and gave me a long deep apology gaze.

After that, we exchanged smiles and secret glances all night long.

I knew this was going to go a long way. The next day, when I boarded my flight to my hometown, I kept thinking about his deep eyes and smile and I knew nothing except for his name. I was very eager to know about his details but I was too shy to ask my cousin. I tried locating him on social media but all efforts in vain. After two days of gathering all the courage, I told my cousin to make a WhatsApp group so that we could exchange pictures.

Guess what, right after the group was created, he sent me a personal message.

I still remember that we first spoke on the New Year Eve. It all seemed so dreamy. The next day when he disclosed his personal life details, I was taken aback. I didn't know if I should feel sorry for myself or him? I wondered if all the misery in the world was granted upon him. At a young age, his mother left him and it was only him and his father in the family. Then he told me how his father had been fighting for his divorce past three years. He married a wicked con woman three years ago who cheated on him and conned him for monetary reasons. I later learned that in India, divorces can't be granted until it's mutual or you have a solid proof and he didn't have any.

All the facts that he stated were confirmed by a cousin. With time learning all about his darkest secrets of his life, more than anything I wanted to be his friend who didn't have anybody to share his life with.

I decided I was going to love this man who has been deprived of love.

It was hard all these months, but I didn't give up for a moment. He had no ill intentions towards me, so for my own good, he tried a hundred times to end things with me and told me to look ahead in life. But I kept going strong. I knew since the first time I met him, we have unfinished business. I pray every day that some miracle happens and that woman stops torturing him and his family, he has suffered a lot.

We want to start our lives afresh but his hands are tied.

In this society, it's always the men who are blamed but it's not always true. Sometimes women can be evil too. He is the most amazing, humble, and pure human who is going through so much. If not for us, I pray to God to release him of his burden and end his misery. Please pray for us.

Editor's Note:

Life never fails to surprise you. There's so much to learn, unlearn, and relearn. Share this story and let's join hands to offer our prayer.