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I Miss The Girl Who Showed Me How To Live Again

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They say that some people come into your life to change everything. I realized this only after you left me. I don't know exactly where to start narrating my story, but all these things started during my school days. I would attend math tuitions after my school, where I met this girl. I don't know why but I had an instant liking towards her. But you know how the pressure of board exams is like, and so we just focused on our tuitions and studied hard. We ended up getting good scores. We were good friends by then and we soon parted ways for our further studies.

You know everyone's life has ups and downs, so did mine. I lost my girlfriend in an accident.

I saw her leaving me and I was shattered. I couldn't take the fact that she was no more and I tried to commit suicide but I failed. I kept myself introverted and tried to ignore this world. Those two years were a living hell for me. But eventually, I started moving on in life. I completed my diploma and started working for an MNC. And yes, after all this time, this childhood friend came into my life again. I was kind of surprised because we were those kinds of friends who limited their conversations to a good morning and good evening. Eventually, we started to share a good bond within ourselves. I don't know how but I started to have feelings for her, but I knew that it was not going to work so I stayed calm so as not to hurt myself.

But one fine day, I confessed my feelings to her even after knowing that it won't work out.

I just wanted to let her know about my feelings and nothing else. I was the same before and after. Gradually, our conversations became limited to the same good morning and good evening. I didn't know what was happening with her anymore, and finally, I was blocked by her. I didn't expect that this would be the ending.

I hated myself first for everything that has happened, and I still feel guilty for that. I didn't dare to text her again after that.

Mona, if you are reading this I just want to say one thing to you. I miss our late-night outs, our stupid conversations, everything we had between us. I'm missing that old you.

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