I Lost The Girl I Love Because I Was Too Busy Convincing My Parents To Accept Her

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 16 April, 2018

She was my world, yet she never accepted that she loves me. She always maintained that I am only her good friend. Time passed and somebody else came into my life. I was happy but that somebody new chose someone else. My friends supported me like anything. One day at the airport, she hugged me tight as if she meant to say that she didn’t want to leave me. Fast forward in life, she eventually asked me to marry her. It was a beautiful sunrise for me, but my parents did not accept our alliance. I was still trying to convince them, but she got dejected and I still continued to persuade my parents but this time she did not know that I was still trying.

I felt that my love for her could not be replaced. I guess I was wrong, and fate had a different plan.

She went off to join a new job, and thanks to my ill-fated luck, I lost her as she fell for another guy at work. But she was ditched because this guy was not brave enough. She was heartbroken and I felt sorry for her. I thought I had the chance once again, to get back my love into my life. But she was in an emotional turmoil and it did not seem right to pursue her at that time. Life has its own ways to fuck things up. That guy came back into her life and directly took over. He asked her parents for her hand in marriage while here I was trying to make her understand that my parents had accepted my feelings for her and agreed to the marriage.

When I conveyed all this to her, she was not ready to accept it and said that she has moved on and I was too late.

Time passed, and I still kept trying. In the meantime, the other guy got what he wanted as her parents accepted them. Now he is marrying the love of my life and I can't do anything about it because she had had enough of me. And the worst part, she had fallen in love with me by then. For a while, I thought that everything will be fine, but she is now committed to someone else. I know I may sound like a confusing soul to those who are reading this, but I do not understand what my fault among all this was. All I wanted was that my parents accept our relationship on a happy note but was that too much to ask? Or did I take too long to make it happen?

What is my mistake, I will ask god this when I meet him. But until then, if you figure it out my mistake, then please tell me.
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