I Lost My Virginity To A Man Who Only Wanted My Money

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 21 March, 2018

I belong to a lower middle-class family and come from a village. I was extremely studious till the 12th standard I went to a Government school in my area. For my further studies, I got admission in a medical college, in fact, one of the most reputed ones. I was a gold medallist till my 3rd year of college, but all of this changed once I joined Facebook.

I got a friend request from a medico student from another university. I accepted it and we began chatting. Within the first six months, he said he wanted to meet me. He lived in another city and to meet, we had to plan; I had to save money to book a ticket to meet him. I know you’re wondering why? It was simple, I was excited to meet him.

When we met, everything seemed absolutely fine. He picked me up at the station and I was a mixture of nervous and even had butterflies in my stomach. Of course, all of that suddenly changed, I found out that he had booked a hotel for me. And the reason he did that, was because he wanted to have sex with me.

What I thought to be love, care, and concern, was only lust from his side. He began showering me with love and during this time, he told me about his financial problems. I couldn’t believe he had hidden all of this from me; immediately, I gave him all my money.

I paid for the hotel and went home by train so that I could give him whatever money I had carried with me.

He was emotionally overcome and that night, we had sex. Overnight, he became my everything. Within a month, he asked me for some more money. My father had sent some cash for me to use for my studies, but I gave it all to him.

Once I gave it to him, he began demanding me for more money, around 50 thousand rupees. I had already given him 30 thousand before; this is when I realized that he was just using me. Immediately, I blocked him on Facebook and Whatsapp, from everywhere possible.


He kept calling me from different numbers and begged me for the money. I told him I didn’t have it and I wasn’t going to ask my father for it and even if I had it, I wouldn’t give it to him.

This went on for almost a year until one day, the calls stopped completely. Around two years later, I found out that he had a new job and was doing well in his life. I called him, I wanted my money back.

He began abusing me and even asked me if I was a prostitute. He even went to the extent of threatening me, told me that he would tell my father everything; about the sex, about our relationship, everything. He said he had proof and wouldn’t hesitate to use it against me.

I was shattered and devastated. How could someone, who had all of my love, turn into this monster? How could I have been so stupid? It took me a while to forget him, but I did and I moved on. I even completed my education successfully and got a job in a Government hospital.

He’s going to be the biggest regret in my life; I lost my virginity to someone who didn’t deserve me. It was never about the money, all I wanted was respect, and maybe even an apology because of what he did to humiliate me.
Author's Note:

My dear asshole ex, you’re reading this, you took my money, my faith in love and even rewarded my love by calling me a prostitute. I will never forget you. And don’t worry, karma will find you one day, and make you pay. I hope you never have the courage or strength to do this to any other girl.

And to all the other girls out there, if someone is mistreating you like this, if you have even the slightest of hints, then you need to stand up for yourself and make sure no one can get away with this.

Editor's Note:

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