I Let My Work Wreck Our Relationship But His Love Made The World Right Again

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 28 January, 2018

I'm living together with my boyfriend and our wedding is due in two months. We both are from different religions and cultural backgrounds. Even our personalities are quite different, but I have never paid heed to the differences. We both are madly in love with each other.

It is easy for us to understand each other better because we have been best friends since kindergarten. He's the most romantic person ever, and he would do anything for me.

I cook his favourite dishes throughout the week. When he comes home from work, I always welcome him with a big smile no matter what happens to me in the entire day. Sometimes when I feel low, or if I have had a bad day at work, even then I make sure that when he comes home I just talk about us and never share with him the bad things that have happened throughout the day.

I try to keep our own private little World unpolluted by routine and negativity.

Once after a week of stress at work for both of us, we were eagerly waiting for the weekend. But destiny had some other plans. There was no electricity at home for the entire weekend. With no power backup, and no battery remaining in all our electronic gadgets, both of us were left stranded. We somehow managed until Sunday afternoon. I was quite troubled about the spoiled week.

I was broken, and I was misunderstanding things and imagining things that never happened. Later that night I ended up fighting with him for no reason.

I just wanted to get out of the house. I wanted to break up for no reason. He persuaded me, calmed me and apologized for a mistake which he never did. The next two days, I spent thinking about my behaviour on Sunday. I finally understood that it was the pressure and stress I was carrying throughout the week that led me to explode.

I said words which I never meant, and I ended up hurting him.

I apologized to him and said that this kind of behaviour was due to the stress I was carrying from the entire week and that I will not do it hereafter. He understood my stress that’s why even when I wanted to break up that night he never approved of it.

There is only a very fragile and thin line between professional life and personal life. I understood the importance of not letting them mix.

Life would be amazing only if personal life is kept very far away from work pressure. Whatever decisions we take in a bit of a haste, stress, anger are usually not the right ones. So, if your partners are angry with you due to their work stress then don't get angry at them, just show them love and care and they'll realize their mistake.

Love is accepting each other without conditions.
Editor's Note:

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