My Shameless Husband's Darkest Secret Is Disgusting And I Want To Leave But I'm Pregnant

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 18 June, 2017

My story begins in June 2013 when my parents found a boy they wanted me to marry. I had been a self consumed, studious and career oriented girl right since my childhood. So much so that I never considered being with some guy and do the stupid things that couples do. I am a doctor by profession. When my parents fixed my marriage with this guy, he was the first man I had ever considered to even talk to for more than 10 minutes.  

This guy made an instant space in my heart. I don't even know why and how. We got engaged after 15 days of talking to each other. That's when the real story began.

He slowly started telling me about his innumerable relationships after we got engaged. He even told me about a broken engagement he had six months ago and also about the physical relationships he'd had with uncountable girls including his cousin sisters. I was so shocked to hear all of this but didn't know what to do as my parents' prestige was also at stake.


I was too timid to break that engagement on my own or even to tell my parents about it. He assured me that he will be a loyal husband to me and I chose to believe him.

I think it was the biggest mistake of my life; his parents were cruel, even though he did try to protect me from the killer hands of his mother and father, it turned out that he wasn’t much different from his parents when it came to mentality.

I got pregnant a couple of years into our marriage and when I came over to my parents' house for my deliver, all of a sudden his cousin sisters including his own sister got interested in catching up with him. Yes, he had a physical relationship with his own sister since childhood but that he told me only after marriage. I was shattered completely.

When I confronted him about it, he said that I was overreacting and who was I to accuse him? He said maybe I had done the same and never told him.

I am completely lost since then and don't know what to do and what to say to this man who is shamelessly counter accusing me. I am stuck here not knowing who to talk to as I chose to marry him out of my own foolishness. I have really strange thoughts coming to my head to get out of this situation.