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I Helped Him Get Back With His Girlfriend Only To Have Him Cut Me Out Of His Life

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I made a mistake of making a friend in the corporate world. But before telling you this story, let me tell you a little bit about me. I’m an extrovert, a ‘happy go lucky’ girl who despite coming from a lower middle class, has actually managed to live life comfortably. We did have financial issues, but my parents wanted to give my brother and me everything. I’ve always excelled in everything I’ve done in my life, from my studies to extra-curricular activities.

I’ve always occupied myself with something that I love doing. I was never interested in relationships or men. I thought that there’s nothing called ‘Love’ out there and people are simply wasting their time in thinking this was something that existed and that they should find for themselves.

I was in my final year of B.Tech and was preparing for the CAT but I couldn’t finally give it since I decided to attend the placement drive as my dad was on the verge of losing his job as the company was closing. I knew that I had to support my family financially. And so I joined a company that I liked. After training, we were divided into areas within the firm to continue our work and that’s when I met, Him. He was our team leader and we had a seven-year age gap between us. Initially, I wasn’t too interested in befriending him, but slowly, he began sharing his personal life with me and that made me realize that he trusted me and this helped me begin trusting him too.

I was a good listener. So, it didn’t take him long to open up and tell me about his girlfriend of more than eight years. He would take my advice when he needed it and I would help him whole-heartedly. Meanwhile, we would have our share of fights because of another girl that had a massive crush on him. He stopped talking to me, but since I was emotionally attached to him, I went ahead and apologized to him, for a mistake that I never committed.

All I had done, was told this girl who had a crush on him that he had a girlfriend and that keeping expectations would only hurt her. Little did I know I would pay the price for this honesty. All this while, his crush and him began getting closer and he stopped talking to me.

When I saw them once, too close to be sitting together as friends, I rushed in, fulled with anger and asked him to talk to me, immediately. He insulted me in front of everyone and walked away. I tried to apologize to him for this again, but it didn’t work. This time, he stopped talking to me entirely.

A few months later, I got the news that his marriage was fixed, with his girlfriend, but she had called the wedding off. Immediately, I called him and asked him if he wanted to talk. I had to keep my self-respect aside because I knew that my best friend needed me. One day, I managed to get her number and called her. I spoke to her for five months after this and managed to wipe out all misunderstandings that had grown between them. Finally, they decided to get married again. Everyone was thrilled and I thought I had found a way to win my best friend back.

But just before things could get back to normal, he called me one day and wanted my help again. Unfortunately, I was emotionally and mentally disturbed because of my own personal issues at home. When I said I was busy and that I couldn’t talk, he yelled at me and told me that he doesn’t want to see my face again. Is this what friendship is all about?

Honestly speaking, I don’t care about him anymore. If you read this, please understand that those friends you make, because of money and status, those aren’t relationships that will last. And yes, you were never my friend. Because you aren’t someone I could have ever trusted. Or should have, I would say.

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