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I Have Scars From His Drunk Beatings, But That Is Not The Worst Thing He Left Me With

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Hi readers, you can call me Anjali. I am from Delhi and have been staying in Mumbai for the last 4 years. I had come here with many dreams, brimming full of life and happiness. When suddenly, something changed my life. My childhood had been the best any parents could give their kids. I was never denied anything by them. I was given everything that I ever wanted by them, be it a pencil toy, to live my life alone, to explore the world or even the decisions surrounding my marriage. Yes, I am married. I am not a divorcee nor am I a widow.

I became single again, only 2 years ago...

I married the person, whom I loved the most after my family. I did everything for him. I fought with my parents', my close friends' and dear relatives, just to make sure that he would marry me one day.

I met him in a clinic, he was the doctor and I was his patient.

We somewhat liked each other, started meeting up and calling each other on a daily basis. This 1 year (according to me) was awesome when our friendship turned into love. After a year, I got to know that this was just a one-sided relationship. He played the same game on other girls too. He used to lie to me, stating any reason to not to meet me. We broke up (rather I dumped him). When I came to Mumbai, life was awesome again. I had many aspirations and dreams but somewhat started to miss him too. One night, I got a call and it was him. I just cried like hell and forgave him for everything he had done to me. I gave him a second chance. He came to Mumbai and asked for my hand in marriage.

It was like a dream come true for me.

I said yes and we got married in an Arya Samaj Mandir. My parents knew about it and were happy cause I was happy. He said that he would tell his parents when he got settled here and I agreed to it. Married life was going awesome. I had no regrets that we didn't go for a honeymoon, as we used to spend quality time in the house itself. All of a sudden, I was staying with a man whom I hadn't met or known about. He changed completely, started drinking, smoking, hating my family-friends-relatives and Me. I was the only one working and had many responsibilities. He was not liable for any of them. I was beaten up daily, was scared to go home, was scared to see him, but I loved him so was worried about him. I had spent all my savings just for him.

I was getting tired of the daily verbal and physical abuse.

One night, (the one which changed my life) he was badly drunk and pushed me in a fit of anger. I fell face first onto the mirror in the almirah and the left side of my face was horribly damaged, but I didn't inform my parents. I was hospitalized for 3 months but again forgave him for what he did. He left me. Yes, he left me saying that he wanted to talk to his parents about us, for which he was going back to Delhi. I was wrong to believe him, as he left me alone here, in a city of strangers.

I fell into a horrid depression and used to cry the whole day, even while working, talking or thinking of what I should do now.

I missed him very badly. I even tried to say sorry and planned to ask him to come back into my life. I had best friends who were close to me and even though they were also busy in their lives, they along with my parents supported me and helped me heal. I then met a decent, simple, smart and handsome fellow, with the best smile after Shahrukh. I befriend him and then fell in love with him. He was the one, who helped me come out of my horrifying memories of the past and was there with me in every moment of my life. I started respecting him and adoring him a lot. But still, we are just best of friends, but it's again a one-sided relationship. I just pray and wish that this works out well for me, so that I can give happiness to my parents and family. The moral of my story? Your parents are everything to you. Never ever disrespect them and never ever trust anyone blindly.

Love truly not blindly as love is already blind. You should have your eyes and heart open.

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