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I Have Chosen To Stand By Her Even Though She Can't Be With Me

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I belong to a middle-class family and lived with my grandparents till I was in standard 8. I knew her from standard 6 though she was in another section.

She was neither very fair nor attractive, yet I was always looking for her.

As fate would have it, we were assigned the same class from standard 8 to 10. Over time, we became good friends. However, after our public exams, we joined different schools and lost touch.

It was in standard 11, when one day, I got a message from an unknown number. When I texted back to check who it was, I got an instant reply that said, “ It's me, *****!" I was completely surprised to see her name.

We started chatting almost every day and soon became good friends. She went on to join a reputed college in Chennai while I joined the college that was right next to her campus.

In February 2011, I asked her what would her response be if I proposed to her?

She belonged to a strict family and her reply was, "I'm not your lucky girl.”

Despite her response, I proposed to her in the next 10 minutes. She didn’t talk to me properly for the next few months. After around 6 months, she finally accepted that she loved me too.

Life was going happier than I’d expected until college came to an end. We met regularly with our friends and sometimes went out alone too.

It was on the day of my final project submission that she said the most unexpected thing.

Just a day before that, she had visited her grandmother who advised her about their family culture and the struggle her parents had faced.

She was confused because she didn't want her parents to suffer because of us. As always, I gave her some time to think but this time, she did not want to continue the relationship. I was heartbroken but accepted her decision.

Both of us were placed in the same company but I couldn’t bear to see her every day nor could she.

So I quit my first job offer and our lives changed. We still talk often because she never wanted our friendship to be affected by our relationship.

Sometimes I argue and fight with her, asking her why did she make me trust her, love her, and then leave me all of a sudden? We continue to be good friends but my love, care, and affection for her have not reduced, even a bit, to date.

It has been 4 years since our relationship ended but I still find it difficult to sleep without thinking of her.

After all, she was my first love and I'm happy that I have been true to my girl. Even though we fight a lot, I can never get angry on her because she was the one who made my life so beautiful.

But she left me when I wanted to take this relationship to the next level by talking to our parents.

Going forward, I have no idea what life has in store for me or what story the almighty has written for me.

But I just want to tell her, "My love, if you get any chance of talking to your parents about our relationship, I promise you that I will stand by you, no matter what happens."

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