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I Hated Every Girl Until I Met My Wife Who Made Me A Better Person

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Life is beautiful and so is love. Love is a sacred feeling, which can make you a better person if you accept it in a positive manner. Else, it can make you a non-believer or even a misogynist or a misandrist. Hence, it's very important to introspect rather than make a hasty decision.

If you’ve been rejected or dumped by someone, it does not signify the end of life.

It can be seen as a new beginning. The choice is yours; how do you wish to live your life?

I loved someone with all my heart. We met on a poetry forum and loved each other’s poetry. Our conversations began and within a few months, I realized that I had fallen for her.

When I confessed my feelings to her, she said that she was in love with someone else. I was shocked because she spoke to me every day and night for almost 3 months.

I’d never imagined that something like this could happen to me.

I truly enjoyed her company and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. My feelings were pure. Though she didn’t feel the same about me, I did not give up entirely.

Love makes you do that. Your heart keeps waiting and hoping for a miracle.

I was curious to know more about the kind of guy she had in her life. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was better than me. I waited for a year and a half hoping that something would change and she would come to me. But it didn’t happen.

Ultimately, I realized that I was wasting my life. I had rejected several marriage proposals without even meeting the girls.

I'd developed hatred for every girl.

I wasted several days trying to figure out why such a thing happened to me. I began to question if I was worthy of being loved at all. Luckily, I got most of my answers.

When someone rejects us, our ego gets hurt and we try to console ourselves by blaming the other person. Or we find faults in ourselves and assume that it was our bad qualities that pushed the other person to reject us.

It took me a few months to accept my fate and move on. I met one of the girls from my community. I told her everything about my life. Initially, I was a bit scared of her reaction. But she understood me, and I realized that I was very fortunate to meet someone like her. We got married soon after.

I love my wife a lot because she is an amazing life partner and a good human being. She is the perfect combination of traditional and modern thinking. She has made me a better person.

Today, none of the old memories haunt me.

In fact, I don't have any negative feelings towards my past. I realized that if you are a good person, you will find someone equally or far better than you. But you shouldn’t shut the doors on life and its may possibilities.

Life is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted because of one rejection.

Don't waste your time thinking about the past. Make yourself so strong that your old memories never dare to haunt you.

Many people ruin their present because of their past.

Make your life partner feel special because they deserve the best in life. I am now a proud father and am enjoying this time to the fullest. It’s an amazing feeling. Stay blessed and please, stop complaining about life.

It’s your life and you need to make the best of it.

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