I Had Tears In My Eyes When He Finally Told Me The One Thing I Never Thought He'd Admit

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 8 April, 2018

Let's start this story by telling you something about me.

I am an extrovert and have always had many friends since childhood. I spent 15 years in Mumbai and after my dad's transfer, I came to Nagpur. That's when my life changed!

Since I am a very talkative person, I managed to make friends here in Nagpur quite fast. I also got many proposals here, and to be frank, I accepted a few of them. Those were just mere attractions (or mistakes perhaps), I should say, and none of them lasted long. I was in 11th grade at that time, so maybe was immature.

Eventually, I got admitted to a reputed engineering college in Nagpur. Although I was sceptical about engineering, I still took admission for my parents' sake. On the very first day of college, I met my 11th standard classmate and he was the only person I knew in the class. He was sitting with his friend and I didn't pay much attention to him since he was a very shy boy.

Soon, in some months' time, I managed to make friends with him, and we were a group of 14 really close people. Out of randomness, we started teasing girls and guys of the same group with each other and I was being teased with Mr M (the same guy whom I met on the first day of college, my friend's friend).

Eventually, everyone stopped the teasing, but we two were being continuously teased. That's when I realized that I had started developing feelings for him. I managed to gather courage, and one fine day I confronted him with my feelings. I knew that he didn't feel the same for me but I just wanted to let him know what I thought he meant to me.

His answer was a NO, and he said that he didn't feel the same way but we could still remain friends. Our chats increased, and there was a time when we used to talk the whole day. But suddenly, that started reducing and I didn't know the reason for it.

We had our end semesters going on at that time, and he along with some of my friends had come to my place for studying in the morning. That was our last exam, so we two went on his bike instead of taking two separate vehicles. After the exam, he said that he wanted to tell me something.

I asked him what it was about. But he said that he'd let me know on WhatsApp. And on that very day, he proposed to me. I had unexpected tears in my eyes but I was thrilled.

We have now been together for two years. There is nothing more in the world that I could ask for. But like I said, you don't always get exactly the thing you wished for.

Like other couples, we have some issues that are unavoidable and we have to keep working at them every single time. That's the only flaw in my otherwise perfect love story. But in the end, I can go to sleep knowing that I'm spending the best years of my life with my most favourite human being. 

Editor's Note:

The magic of being young and in love is simply this- to be young and to believe in love. Share this story so we can all nurture the will to make a fairytale inside of us.