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I Got High To Get Through My Wedding Day But What He Said To Me Recently Made Me Fall In Love

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They say, "Marriages are made in heaven." For mine, I am not so sure.

Jumping from one heartbreak (and fling) to another (call it rebound), I gave myself a deadline for marriage. And since you’re never sure if you love someone enough to marry and give up your freedom, one fine morning I decided I will settle down for an arranged marriage. So among a handful of guys that my family shortlisted (after rejecting thousands), they insisted I meet this guy once. Till then, I had chatted with him on WhatsApp for two months but we had never spoken on the phone.

So I flew down to Delhi to meet him to say ‘No’. Who marries someone just because you are able to chat about cars and road trips with each other? 

But destiny had other plans for me. I met his family and a 'shy' him. He claims to be drunk on one bottle of gin and tonic when he met me – was just being cautious. I obviously didn’t say yes, but I couldn’t say No either. His family looked perfectly fit to my scheme of life – fun-loving, well-read (his aunt had a big library), progressive, and foodies.

What followed was an attempt to know each other better.

Every weekend flights to Kolkata to meet him, getting blood tests and other criteria checked by the family, and evenings were spent on rooftops for a drink or two. We discussed everything under the sun – finance, past relationships, family, career, hobbies, inhibitions. Even sex. While I was still not sure, he was confident that the relationship would work. So we decided to give it a shot. Over the next three months, we painted the streets of Kolkata red. Like teenagers, if you know what I mean.

On the day of our marriage I got cold feet and I called him to say as much. I needed to get high to jump into my own mandap. He and my school buddies obliged. And we were married off in the happiest way possible.

We have been married for almost four years now. It took time for me to fall for him. Small conversations, big fights, endless road trips, vacations, getting high together, being there for each other – it took me three years to realize that he is my constant.

As I shared this thought with him this New Year's eve – his reply was, “I knew you’d be sure one day. Now don’t change your mind!” Last night, we were discussing career moves. I casually told him, “Two years down the line, maybe I would leave my job and just live off your money.”

His reply touched my heart, “It’s not the money, but career growth. Will your ambitions be fulfilled to see your counterpart's career grow as you sit back at home?”

I smiled. And in that very moment, I fell for my husband all over again.

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