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I Had A Good 4 Months Of Marriage With My Husband Till One Day He Got A Stroke And Everything Changed

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Reading stories or you can say real life events of people across here has tempted me to pen down my story for the world to know. I have been brought up in a middle class nuclear family where both my parents are very supportive and understanding, regardless of the fact that we are two sisters, where I am the eldest.

Having studied at a convent school brought out the best of my skills. Eventually I got involved with my father in making our lives better financially. I wanted to give my sister the best in all aspects.

Little did I realise that it’s not enough that you are an independent, confident and presentable woman. In our society, only marriage can settle you down.

By the time I was 27, my father started looking for a suitable groom for me. But he had an opinion that he would not make his daughter compromise to get married. Time flies with lightning speed when you are a girl. Finally I was 33 when I got married. It was an arranged marriage. I was happy with the fact that my parents were happy and were completely involved in the wedding preparations. My sister who has always been my stylist started designing clothes for me. We went crazy shopping and doing everything on our own.

I had a courtship of 5 months and each time I met my would-be-husband or spoke with him over the phone, we would always complain about taking too long to get married (as it was my parents’ decision to wait for 5 months so that we both could know each other better). My marriage was like dream come true.

My husband became my best friend and companion. I fell head over heels for him. Everything was going smooth for 4 months after our marriage when suddenly my husband fell ill and we got to know that both his kidneys were damaged.  While we were still coming to terms with his disease, he suddenly got a brain stroke that left him with the right side of his body paralysed. 

It broke all my dreams, or rather, shattered them, of having kids and leading a beautiful life with my husband.

As of now he is better, after 9 months of his illness. Soon we will be going for his kidney transplant (we are still looking for a donor as there's no prospective donor in the family).

He needs a recreational environment around him and hence I have started driving so that I can drive him to wherever he wants to go. He is recovering every day. But there's no joy as such left which used to exist between us. Let alone having sex. But somehow, now it does not matter much to both of us. His illness has brought us even closer. We understand each other very well and are praying every day for a better and a healthy life ahead.

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