I Had A Beautiful Relationship Until I Told Him My Secret: It Changed The Way He Looked At Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 6 June, 2017

It was the day of Holi when all this started. It was at that time when he found my colourful face pretty. I had a crush on him for two years now but I never knew that he too had a crush on me.

I was on cloud nine on the day he proposed me for the first time because it was no less than a dream come true for me. But even after that, I had rejected his proposal because I am a girl who never trusts someone easily. However, he earned my trust with his caring attitude, messages and everything else. Soon, we got into a relationship 

I have always received compliments on my beauty from him and from many others. But they don't know the bitter truth about me. They never realised that I am suffering from vitiligo (a disease in which white spots occur on your body).


One day, I decided to tell my boyfriend everything as he used to talk to me about our future plans. Somewhere I wondered if he'll still be with me after knowing this, so I disclosed the whole truth to him. 

My story brought him to tears. That’s why I never wanted to talk to anyone or have a relationship for that matter. I was always skeptical about the way in which someone like me has to face the so-called society.

Instead of leaving me, he promised me that he will always be with me and will never make me cry again. I was so happy that day and I had begun to respect him more than myself, which I later realised was the biggest mistake of my life.

During the initial days of our relationship, he showed me that I meant the world to him, but since the day I told him my truth, all he had for me is sympathy and nothing more. 

I would have never understood this until one day when we had a fight and he said this one line that moved me to tears. He said that I should be like a maid with him and I should be grateful to him that he was with me after knowing my story. He further told me that by looking at my ugly face and those ugly spots, no one would even marry me.

That day was the worst day of my life. The person whom I loved the most became someone who made me cry the most. He didn’t even think that he should apologise to me. Instead, I ended up apologising to him because I never wanted to let him go and each time whatever fights we had solved, he suddenly turned into a great lover.

I really can't understand whether he loves me or if it’s just sympathy and I always questioned myself if I'm forcing him to be in a relationship with me. I have even asked him about this, but he reassured me that I was his life. So I thought that it was just a misconception that he didn't love me.

As the days passed, our fights kept on increasing and with all the mess, I had trouble keeping up with my relations. He began treating me like his slave who has to hear everything he says and should not utter a single word in return.

Finally the day arrived when our relationship came to an end. We had a fight again and I couldn’t control my anger anymore. I spoke to him in the way he used to talk to me. And boy, he loved his ego more than anything. I begged him after the fight but he never came back.

This incident made me hate the way I looked at my skin. But now, I have moved on finally after understanding the fact that love and marriage are not everything to live a happy life, but career is. As for him, he is now my classmate and he likes someone else.