I Gave My Husband Time To Save Our Marriage But He Married Someone Else

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 30 January, 2018

I had a love marriage against my parents’ wishes. His parents supported us and we got married in court. My husband was a nice man who did not seem to have any bad habits.

I was so madly in love with him that I changed myself for him.

His mother was very possessive of him. In the beginning, she would scold me unnecessarily. However, I understood that she loved her son a lot and so, I ignored her comments.


My husband also had a younger sister who was married with one daughter. One day, my mother-in-law told me that her daughter’s married life was not going well. I suggested that we bring her back if her in-laws were not good to her. The next day my sister-in-law came home with her daughter.

A year went by but I was unable to get pregnant after repeated attempts.

His mother blamed me saying that the problem had to be within me, as her son could not be at fault.

We consulted a doctor who advised some tests for me through which we discovered that I had polycystic ovary syndrome. The doctor said that if I underwent treatment for 6 months, I would get pregnant.


However, I didn't get pregnant even after the treatment. Then she asked my husband to undergo some tests and we got to know that he had a low sperm count. Both of us immediately started further treatment.

But his mom did not want us to waste money on treatment because they had many debts.

He obeyed his mom’s orders and stopped the treatment. He promised his mom that we would adopt my sister-in-law’s daughter. His mom was very happy, as her daughter was having an affair and this would make it easier for her to marry that man.

I was totally against this decision. Nowadays, children don’t take care of their birth parents let alone anyone else.

Also, if the child were to make a mistake, I wouldn’t be able to scold her, as everyone would blame me for scolding her, as she is not my own child.

When I told him about my decision, he beat me up with a belt.

Few months went by and I got pregnant without any treatment. I was happy but my mother-in-law was not.

She tried several tricks to abort my child and I kept praying to God to protect my child.

Ultimately, I lost my patience and told my husband how his mother was torturing me mentally and physically. I also told him that after the baby was born, I wanted to stay with my parents to give my child a good life.

He agreed initially but like every time, he tried to change my mind.

However, this time I left my mad love aside and started thinking practically.

I told him that I was taking this decision for the future of our child. Finally, he said that he would also come with me and we could stay separately in a rented house.

I agreed and after 4 years of marriage, we stayed alone for the very first time. That is when I discovered his real character.

He was an alcoholic who would trouble me and sexually harass me every day.

Ultimately, one day, I gathered courage and told him to stop because I couldn’t tolerate his behaviour. He was so shameless that he asked me if there was someone else in my life. Those words hurt me a lot and I realized that trusting him was a huge mistake.

I told him how I’d suffered his mother and sister’s torture only for him but I didn’t want my child to suffer.

I gave him 2 years to change his character and his life so that we could stay together.

But within one year of our separation, he married another girl without divorcing me! They even have a baby together.

Today, I just thank God for showing me his real character.

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Share this story because it takes courage to stand up against marital torture and it is the right thing to do.