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I Finally Made My Parents Proud But I Still Regret Hurting Them For A Guy

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I was living in an innocent and protected world till I completed my schooling. I had just finished class 10 when my dad met with an accident and damaged one of his body parts.

My mother, younger sister and I were helpless. We felt that we’d lost everything.

Our lives changed drastically. We were forced to shift to a smaller house and made adjustments in basic things since we had no source of income. We couldn’t afford a maid, we had to take the bus instead of the car and sometimes, we didn’t have enough money for a single meal.

Every day, I would go to the shop to purchase rice to fill our stomachs for that day. Whenever I stepped out, there was a guy named Surya who followed me around on his bike. He’d wait for me to pass his house and ask me, “You seem new to this colony, what is your name?”

In the beginning, I was too scared to raise my head and look at him.

But after a few days, I started shouting back and told him to mind his business and stop following me. But Surya didn’t stop. Ultimately, I got frustrated and gave him a warning. I told him to meet at a place and talk face to face.

I ended up talking sweetly to him, as he was not paying heed to my serious warnings. Slowly, our everyday interactions turned into love. But we had to face several hurdles as my parents got to know about us.

They took me for counseling to the elders in our family. I was beaten and blackmailed that they would die if I didn’t end this relationship.

On the other hand, his mother would stop my younger sister on her way home and insult her every single day. I had to face everything, attend college during the day and work in the night to support my family. But I continued meeting him daily.

Our relationship went on for almost 7 years even with all these problems. Suddenly, one day, Surya’s mom came to our house and started shouting at my parents.

She accused me of being a b***h who was sleeping with her son for money.

Till then, I had no clue that he owned several houses and was very rich. I was about to angrily retort but my dad slapped me. He said that giving me birth was a huge mistake and he was suffering the consequences.

Surya's parents kidnapped him and took him to the village where he was forced to marry another girl. Apparently, he got drunk and consummated the marriage on the first night.

I didn’t have a phone and had no clue about what was going on. When I discovered that he got married, I was in depression for almost 3 months. I was struggling to forget everything when Surya came back. He tried convincing me that he was forced to get married.

He promised to divorce the girl and marry me. Though I didn’t believe him initially, I loved him too much to let go.

This went on for a couple of years and I kept asking him to marry me. Finally, he gave me a date and I was happy.

During our relationship, I spent a lot of money on him though I was not doing well financially. One day, he asked me to buy him a blazer, a perfume, and nice shoes because he had to attend his friend’s wedding. I got him everything he asked for.

I was excitedly looking forward to the day when we were to get secretly hitched.

Around that time, I had to change my SIM card as my company gave me a corporate SIM. So I called all my school and college friends to share my new number. One of my college friends happened to be Surya’s distant cousin. When I called her, she was very upset.

She said, “I’d never imagined that my brother would betray a girl who was so dedicated to him.” I comforted her assuming that she was talking about her own brother. However, I later discovered that she was referring to Surya who got engaged to another girl. And he wore all the things that I had purchased for him!

I couldn’t believe it till I saw the engagement photographs and his wedding card.

I broke down. I apologized to my parents and touched their feet to seek forgiveness for my mistake. They understood my situation and told me to forget everything that had happened.

I had considered stopping Surya's marriage but I thought about the girl who was marrying him and how this would spoil her life as they were already engaged.

Being a girl, I could never think of ruining another girl’s life and future. My life was already ruined but I didn’t want anyone else to go through the same thing.

I couldn’t erase Surya completely from my life because I was forced to pass his house every day on my way to the office. I would often see Surya and his wife together and soon, I saw Surya with a baby. I begged my parents to shift from that locality. But they did not agree.

They said, “You need to face it and accept the fact that you took a wrong step. Seeing him will anger you and help you to forget him quickly.”

On the other hand, Surya had the audacity to contact me because he still expected me to be with him. He even offered to give me a few houses as security for the rest of my life.

I was so angry that I walked away from the shameless guy who had played with my life.

I would have understood had he walked up to me and said that he couldn’t marry me. I also discovered that Surya had lied about his marriage that took place in the village. I’d never imagined that he could be such a big cheat.

During this rough phase, Anand who worked in my team started showing affection towards me. He knew what I was going through and offered his support. We became good friends. After a few months, Anand proposed to me. I couldn’t say no to him, as I was wanted to forget Surya.

I knew I was being selfish but I had no other way to move on.

A few years later, Anand said that he wanted to marry me. I was ready but my parents did not agree to the proposal because of his family’s criminal background. Once again, I was forced to fight with my parents for a boy.

I did it because I believed that no one would marry me because of our financial condition and my parents’ health. However, I started disliking Anand because he would always try to touch me or kiss me.

I did not want a relationship for physical satisfaction but for love and support.

I began ignoring him but he was not willing to leave me. He would torture me by sending offensive messages and screaming abusive words.

He would come to my house at night and bang the doors till I went out and hugged him. But I refused to continue the relationship and that made him very angry.

Things went from bad to worse. He would wait outside my office and threaten to create a huge scene if I didn’t meet him. A few times, he also tried hitting me. I got extremely scared and told my mother about his behavior. She told me to be careful and completely ignore him. But we didn’t tell my dad. Then he landed at my house.

He told my parents that I had no character and I had stayed out with him and his family without informing them.

My parents were shocked and so was I. I had no words. I said, “Yes, I did but now I hate you.” At that moment, my mother intervened and smartly comforted him saying, “Yes, our daughter is not a good person and you should stay away from her. Take care of your career and family and be happy in your life. If my daughter tries to call you, I will kill her.”

“I promise to keep her away from you.”

I was relieved that this chapter had finally ended. But I was wrong. He started harassing us again. So my mother and I decided to complain to Anand’s father. Unfortunately, he was no better and said that he could not do anything.

Anand challenged us that he would not let me get married to anyone else. We remained silent and hoped that things would settle down. But he did not stop.

He visited all my near and dear ones and tarnished my image by telling them that I’d slept with him.

He went to the extent of slapping me in front of my parents and my dad had to raise his hand to stop Anand. But no one agreed or allowed me to go to the police because in South India, stepping into a police station meant that the girl was of bad character.

But I fought with everyone to complain to the police. Thankfully, my parents supported me and my Dad spoke to the higher authority to warn Anand. That resolved the issue.

I got back to my normal life. After that incident, several guys tried to hit on me but I had no interest in getting into a relationship. I wanted to go abroad and focused on preparing for the entrance exams. During this time, I met Kamal who was my colleague.

He knew little about my life but he loved me a lot. However, I told him that we could just be friends because I could never love or trust any guy ever again.

As time passed by, I met several other guys who claimed to love me but they never had the courage to convince their parents for our marriage. I didn’t care because I was already going through a lot in my life.

I couldn’t go to any relative’s house, people looked at me like I was a criminal and no one believed that I was a virgin except my loving sister.

I had become the girl who couldn’t live without getting into a relationship with a guy. My relatives kept nagging my parents to get me married at the earliest. My parents stopped visiting them but they were hurt by the bad things they heard about their kid.

A couple of years later, I got an opportunity as a manager in a huge organization. Finally, I was able to make my parents proud.

They were beginning to understand that everything that happened was not entirely my fault. They were in tears when they realized that I had to bear that guy’s torture and manage college and office all alone.

My dad encouraged me to live my life with my head held high.

He said, “Give yourself some time and things will become right. Start fighting back beta. Even if you fall, get up and fight back like a soldier. Your mom and I will be by your side till our last breath.” His words made me cry.

I regretted all my mistakes that had caused them so much trouble. They were insulted time and again because of me.

They had to listen to random people giving them lectures on how to raise their own child.

They had given me so much; from love and support to education and more. And all I gave them was pain. It hurt me so much; it still does and will continue to hurt me till I live. Had I listened to them, I would not have faced such s****y situations.

I decided that I would always listen to them because they said things for my own good. Things were going well and my parents started looking for a match for me.

I received a proposal from a guy was not rich financially but was rich at heart.

I agreed to the match and today, we are happily married. I’ve never turned back in life. My husband Srikanth takes care of me like a baby and I feel blessed to have a wonderful husband who showers me with love just like my parents.

I don’t know if Surya regrets his actions or Anand regrets what he did to me. But I still regret taking the wrong steps and hurting my parents.

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