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I Filed An FIR Against Him, Even That Didn’t Stop Him From Torturing Me

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In the first year of my graduation, I had a boyfriend who was a year older than me. We had sex and he said that he would marry me.

Back then I didn’t think how having sex was related to assuring for marriage.

Now he thought that I would say it to anyone and he might get into trouble. Time passed by and I didn’t tell about him to anyone. He started becoming possessive and he didn’t even like if I talked to my friends. He wanted me to stay out of everything and I always feared that he might harm my friends if I continued to talk to them.

When we were in a relationship, he was also having an affair with another girl but I never bothered to ask him.

I just didn’t really care but then I met my friends who just opened my eyes about all of it. It just felt like I was so clueless about my own life. After realising, I started placing my views too in front of him without any fear and that’s when his actual behaviour came to light. 

He started abusing me and sometimes he would even hit me.

One day, he forced me to come to his room and as soon as I reached, he pushed me to his bed and started pouring liquor all over. Then he lighted the matchstick and yelled that he would kill me. Somehow I managed to escape that day and after few days, he again called me to meet.

I didn’t want to go but he blackmailed me into it by saying that he would tell about us to my parents.

I thought it was better to keep things away from my parents otherwise, they wouldn’t allow me to stay at the hostel anymore and continue my studies. So I went to meet him on a roadside where he forcibly took my phone and when I resisted, he hit me and broke my mobile phone.

He crushed it so badly that it was not in the usable condition anymore and that was my new phone worth Rs.15,000.

This continued for almost one month when I finally decided to share it with my friends and my sister. They helped me gather some courage and filed an FIR against him. He even threw bricks and stones at my residence and asked me to withdraw the complaint. Somehow, I managed to face everything.

My mother also helped me and my friends were like a blessing to me, without them I would never be able to come out of that miserable condition.

Four years have passed and now I am so happy. I even found the love of my life in a special friend and it had me so strong that I can face any obstacle that comes my way. I am a cheerful person now.

I learnt a lesson from one mistake but I am glad that I gave myself a second chance to be happy again.

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