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I Felt A Different Kind Of Love For Each Girl. Yet I Feel Like A Loser.

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It is not necessary that we should fall in love with only one person in our life. We can fall in love more than two times too.

The emotions and attachment level differ in every relationship. It also depends on the personalities of the partners.

I am a 29-year-old guy. I have several incomplete stories within me. All these experiences happened to me at various stages in my life. I fell in love with a girl for the first time when I was in class 9. None of us owned our own phones at that time. But I had my own Nokia 1600 and she would call me from her brother’s phone. Both of us had known each other since our childhood days but we never had any feelings for each other.

One fine day, she called me to ask whether I still remembered her. Both of us were shy but I was happy when she called me and said, “Yes, I still remember you.” I asked her where she was now and how she was doing.

She was very cute and had large eyes with juicy lips.

We started talking over the phone every day and soon got addicted to each other. I still can’t believe that such a cute girl had been a part of my life for some time. We were with each other for over one and a half years. But we never confessed our love for each other because we already knew how we felt for each other.

One day I decided to switch off my phone for two days. I just wanted to know whether she really loved me or not. And something really blissful happened. She got in touch with one of my close friends. She was crying and said, “You are so bad. How could you switch off your phone without letting me know about it? You almost killed me. I cannot live without you for even a single moment. You mean the world to me!”

I was so happy to hear all this from her. I will never forget those beautiful lines.

But my happiness did not last long. I came to know that she was getting married to my elder brother. All my family members were making plans to fix the day of their engagement. I felt so helpless and hopeless because I could not do anything about it. I cried all through the day and night.

She could sense my pain and told me that we could not go against the decision taken by our families. She then told me that I was quite young and could not take care of her even if we did get married. So she asked me to try and concentrate on my academics and create a beautiful future for myself instead of crying over what had happened.

I did not say anything to her. She got married to my elder brother. She has been living in my own house with another guy for the past 8 years now.

I got in touch with another girl in order to forget her. She was not very cute but she was good at heart.

We were physically involved too. I spent 5 years with her but I still couldn’t stop loving my ex. This girl knew about my ex-girlfriend and how much I loved her even today.

One fine day she asked me to marry her. But I refused because she was not very cute or loving.

She tried to convince me to get married to her but failed to do so. So she finally got married to someone else. She is now leading a happy life with her husband.

She rarely calls me. So I think she has forgotten me.

Now I feel like a broken person because I ended up losing both the girls that I loved. I think I loved the second girl too. After I completed my engineering I started working. I fell in love with another girl. But we parted ways because we realized that we had no future together. So now she too is gone from my life.

Now I am all on my own and I think of all of them all the time. I feel like a loser.

I think I will never get married to a girl that I really love. Despite experiencing all this I know that I still adore my first love and have the same feelings of love for her.

I think that we all love different kinds of people in different ways.

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