I Fell In Love With My Professor And He Taught Me A Lesson I'll Never Forget 

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 29 November, 2017

I’m a simple, normal school girl and I believe this story is one that every school student goes lives through at some point in time in their lives. I had a crush on my teacher. Yup. I was 16 years old and was madly attracted to my teacher. I watched him and would wish for days when I could talk to him. The way he handled the whole school, I was in love with his ways.

One day, he began texting me. He told me got my number through the school slam book. We got close, it started with text messages and then through long conversations over the phone. One day, he proposed to me. I felt like I was on top of the world! I even ignored the fact that he was married. In fact, he was a father, of a beautiful baby girl.

But it didn’t stop me from taking things forward with him. We got closer as the days passed by. He kept telling me that he was forced to be with his wife and I couldn’t help myself but believe him.

After two years, things began got physical between us. We began hooking up at every opportunity we could. Staying a distance away from each other didn’t help us, but we would manage, at least two or three times a month.

During this time, some of my classmates found out that I was seeing him, or at least, they had their doubts about it. But that didn’t stop them from taunting me behind my back and calling me things like a w**** and a characterless prostitute. I began getting mysterious phone calls saying they’d kill me or kill my boyfriend because they found out what I’d been up to.

And then all of a sudden, my love, my professor has decided to leave town. He tells me that he doesn’t have a job anymore, nothing more, nothing less than that one simple sentence.

After six months of unanswered messages and missed calls, he picks up the phone to tell me that he can't continue this anymore. That I should stop all contact with him, and if he had to, he’d block my number and even change his. He said he wanted to live a life that was right, for his wife and daughter, and he didn’t want any more problems in his life.


That didn’t stop me, and for the two years after, I kept trying to get to reach out to him. But all I got was silence.
I’m dating someone else right now, a guy who is my age and I’m happy.

There’s no regret, of course, but what happened with my professor still haunts me. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but I know that there’s a lesson to be learned here somehow. Through all this pain, there has to be something that I’m going to gain.


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