I Fell In Love With Him The First Time I Met Him And This Is How Paid For It

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 25 May, 2017

I had relocated to South India for educational purposes and lived far away from my native state. That is where I happened to meet him. He possessed all the qualities that I had expected from my dream man. I was attracted towards him like a moth towards the fire!

He was a foreigner. I instantly fell in love with him.

The happy time flew by and I soon realised that we had completed almost 2 years of our relationship. He became a part and the essence of my life. We talked for hours, exchanged text messages and video calls whenever possible. We spent time together and also traveled together.


Unfortunately, everything came to a standstill. Our beautiful relationship met its end in the worst possible way. I got pregnant. It was an unplanned pregnancy but he had already moved to another city. I tried contacting him and finally told him that I was 2 months pregnant. He accused me of doing it intentionally.

I got myself scanned and found out that I was carrying twins. The doctor discussed about the least chances of their survival. I conveyed the same to him. He somehow agreed to keep the babies and supported me. I trusted him as he even visited my parents.

Unfortunately I delivered on the 25th week of my pregnancy. He wasn’t around when I gave birth. Maybe he gave up on our babies just because the doctor stated the same.

I was hospitalized, going through physical as well as emotional trauma. When I needed him the most, all he did was block my number and shut me up on all social media platforms. I tried every possible way to get in touch with him but everything went in vain.


The biggest loss in my life is the loss of my baby girls! Even today I try to look for some humanity in him but all I can see is a man who coldly turned his back on me.

It’s been three months but it still feels like yesterday. I wish it was a nightmare or a filthy dream. I am awakened with the harsh reality and my day ends with me crying myself to sleep.

People say that I will someday get over it and give birth to healthy babies in the future. A part of me still cries for the little girls I carried in my womb for 6 months. I lost them, though I badly wanted them to survive. I was helpless as their father gave up on them, and so did life.