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I Expected Something In Return But All I Got Back Was Rejection

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I believe that expectations and conveniences are the reason for your pain, your heartache, your breakups and all your miseries. Am I a perfect person who doesn’t expect anything from anyone? Well, unfortunately, no. We all are social animals and calling ourselves animals will be shameful for the real animals out there, who are social in every manner and yet they are very loyal to their karmas. They live with no expectations and want nothing from the most beautiful creatures made by God, also known as Humans. I might be wrong in a way when I say that animals do not have any expectations from others. But do they really care about this? The answer will be no. Have you ever seen an animal sharing their needs like food, shelter with other animals? The answer will depend on whether if they are young or old.

Parental relationships do exist in their world too. But once they are old enough to take care of themselves, their mothers move on.

This rule applies to us also. We do eventually learn the art of sharing without expectations, but is it because of this era we live in, or is it because of our age which teaches us not to expect in return? I think we have been taught to set expectations for everyone. We are even teaching this to our kids. For instance, when your kid goes to a birthday party, you tell them to attend the birthday party and say that they’ll get a return gift. Aren’t we teaching them what to expect in return, here? I believe this is called Karma in Bhagavat Geeta. Eventually one will bear the fruit of one’s karma only. There are many examples in our real lives, where we as parents teach our kids to have expectations in their life. So, is it right or wrong to set expectations in life? Is it right to expect something in a return of a favour? Expecting your kid to behave properly in front of others, is an example of the right set of expectations.

Telling your kid to become the topper in every subject is an example of the wrong set of expectations.

Let me tell you my story. When I confessed my feelings to my best friend because I thought she’ll understand me since we know each other for a decade, my expectations were wrong. She did not.

You love someone all from your heart, that is an example of the right set of expectations. Expecting to be loved in the same manner is an example of the wrong set of expectations.

What I realized after spoiling my relationship with this beautiful friend of mine is the effect of convenience. Expectations have only one rule, which is basically made on the convenience of the other person, where that other person will have many expectations from you in their life but don’t you dare to expect back a single percent in return. Then you’ll be labelled as a womanizer, selfish, rude, pathetic and many more such demeaning names, depending on the situation.

Now our bond had become like that of North Korea and US, both of us come together just to argue. No actions have been taken so far to resort the peace.

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