I Ended Up Giving Her Advice That Pushed Her Into Another Man's Arms

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 29 December, 2017

It was my cousin brother’s wedding when one of his uncles came up to me and asked me what I was up to doing these days. He wanted me to recommend his daughter for a job. I gave him my email id and told him to ask her to forward her resume to me. And I forgot about it.

Two months later, I got an email from an unknown girl. She said that she got my reference from her father. At first, I ignored the email, but then her father called me and reminded me of our earlier conversation.

I asked a friend to let her interview until one evening she messaged me and told me that she didn’t want to become a programmer, but a teacher. Her father was forcing her to choose this career path.


So I told her, that the best thing to do, would be to talk to her father about it.
And that’s how our conversations began. We began talking a little every day and then suddenly, those conversations turned into hours. Suddenly, I found myself waking up and waiting for her to pick up her phone. We weren’t in the same city, but I had to confess my feelings for her. But before I could tell her anything, she told me that she was dating someone, but because he was from another religion, her parents' wouldn’t let them get married.

I didn’t tell her anything, about my feelings and decided to stay quiet. I told her, rather advised her, that talking to her parents was the wise decision here because hurting her parents would be wrong.

She listened to me and decided to call things off with her boyfriend. I felt like my dreams were coming true, when one day, she told me that she had begun falling for me. I told her that I accepted her, knowing everything about her past, and how intimate she and her boyfriend were. I loved her, more than myself. After a while, I decided it was time to talk to my parents about our marriage. My parents agreed, her father liked me too. But he wanted to match our kundlis.

They didn’t match. I cried the whole night after she called me to tell me that she wasn’t going to go against her family. She told me that this was something that I had taught her and it was the best advice that I had given her.

She asked me if we could still be friends. I was stupid, I said yes. I didn’t want her to leave my life like this, so suddenly, and I thought our friendship could salvage this disaster.

It wasn’t before long when her parents found a match for her and as always, she turned to me for advice. She didn’t know what to do. I smiled and told her that if she likes him, she should go ahead with it.

It’s been three years now since we’ve been friends and she’s found someone else. I’ve always been there for her, through her good times and her bad times. Whenever she needs someone, all she’s had to do was pick up the phone and dial my number. My life slowly became hell, as she got busy with hers and I lost a friend. I went into depression, changed my job, my city, everything. With the help of my family and friends, I began to overcome all of this.

I’m now moving ahead with my life, it’s been a slow struggle, but it’s happening. My parents have asked me to meet a girl, to take a decision about moving on with my future, even though somewhere, I don’t feel like.

I’m now engaged to someone of their choice. It’s all their decision, but I’m going through the motions with a smile on my face.

Six months later, just like that, I got a call, it was her. She was crying on the phone. She told me that her husband was beating her and her mother-in-law, verbally abusing her. Without thinking, I rushed over to her house and was shocked when I saw that she was covered in bruises. I left that house immediately and took her with me.

Now, she’s back in my life. But there’s nothing that I can do. I can’t marry her because I’m engaged to someone else. Someone who has put her faith and love in me, and I know that I can’t break it.

I don’t know where my life is going to lead, but I know that I’m confused.


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